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Add Lighting to a Pantry or Cupboard

Gelmar EcoLED Cupboard Lights are perfect for lighting up a pantry or cupboard.


Gelmar EcoLED cupboard lights are ideal for lighting up a pantry or cupboard, and they can be fitted onto existing cabinet hinges or mounted onto the side of a cabinet. When the door is closed the lights switch off.

The EcoLED cupboard lights are available at Gelmar stores at a cost of R40 per pair, include two 23A 12V batteries. The design of these compact lights allows them to be fitted onto existing concealed hinges, or you can fit them directly onto the side of your cupboard.

I have 165-degree hinges on my pantry, so it was necessary to mount the EcoLED lights onto the cabinet sides.

It only takes 5 minutes to install the EcoLED cupboard lights and then your pantry or cupboard will light up when the doors are opened. You can fit to one side of the cabinet to both sides for even more light.






If you are mounting the cupboard lights directly onto existing hinges, you will find full instructions on the back of the pack for installation. If your hinges won't allow fitting the lights, you can easily install the cupboard lights on the insides of the cupboard.

Mark the location for mounting the cupboard light, making sure that the contact point at the end will come into contact with the door when closed. This is important, as when the door is closed it will switch off the light.

Secure onto the side of the cabinet with 13mm or 16mm screws.



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