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10 Absolute Must-Haves For Your Kitchen

There are many reasons why the kitchen is the most important room in almost every house - that’s why it should be well-equipped with some of these absolute must-haves.


The kitchen is the heart of many homes. Not only do people cook their meals in there - they eat there as well, even when there’s a separate dining room in the house; they sit and talk drinking tea or coffee instead of sitting in the living room. Not to mention that more and more people discover their passion for cooking these days - they try new flavours, they want to save money or they care about what they eat and want to be in charge of it. There are many reasons why the kitchen is the most important room in almost every house - that’s why it should be well-equipped. What are some of the absolute must-haves?

1. Proper utensils

Utensils made of stainless steel are especially popular - they are safe for your food, easy to wash, even in a dishwasher, and they look really stylish. A rubber spatula can also come in handy, especially if you like pancakes, as you can get all the batter stuck in your bowl. Plus, it won’t scratch the frying pan.

Silicon utensils are famous for their durability - they’re gentle with your pan and can resist heat for up to 400 degrees. What’s more, they’re very often colourfull so you can add some crazy colours to your kitchenware. Apart from that, everyone should have at least one classic wooden spoon in their kitchen - or even a set of wooden utensils which are perfect for meals that require a lot of stirring.

2. Proper cookware

There’s no cooking without proper cookware - you have to make sure you buy things that are safe for your health and can last long. For example, stainless steel cookware is one of the best possible choices - it’s extremely durable, protected against rust but still non-toxic. A cast-iron pan is also recommended as it can endure almost everything and can serve to cook many different dishes, including pizza. Just make sure you wash it right and you can be together for many, many years.

Think about pans with a nonstick surface too - you will avoid irritation and uneven heat distribution. People are also crazy about an easy-to-wash carbon steel wok that allows you to cook delicious one-pan meals. You can save some time by cooking in big batches. What everyone should have is a tiny saucepan too - how many times you needed to warm some milk or make porridge just for yourself and you burned your pots because they were too big? One little saucepan will solve that problem.

3. Kitchen scale

Are you always frustrated when you read recipes that say: 250 g chicken, 200 g rice, etc.? Well, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, kitchen scales are very common and relatively cheap. You can measure everything (pounds, grams, ounces, fluid ounce, and millilitres) and stop worrying if you get proportions right.

4. Mixing bowls

Has it ever happened to you to forget about some ingredients while cooking or baking? Probably yes, that’s why you could use a set of mixing bowls - prepare everything you will need beforehand and have it laid out on the table to keep it in sight. If you decide to go for mixing bowls with matching lids, you can use them for mixing, pouring and storing. Most of them have also measurements on the inside and they can save you when you run out of serving bowls.

5. Knife sharpener

The most important reason for buying a knife sharpener would be your comfort and safety - it’s annoying and dangerous to use dull knives. Additionally, knives that are being sharpened regularly last way longer. Handy little sharpeners are quite cheap, easy to use and don’t take too much of your precious space.

6. Measuring cups and spoons

Don’t take any chances - stop guessing how much sugar you will need for your cake and how much water you’re boiling. A measuring cup is not expensive but can truly change your life. Plus, it doesn’t absorb the flavours and it’s safe to put it in the microwave.

7. Cotton towels

It may seem like a very small detail but cotton towels can really make a difference. Cotton is easily washable and it can absorb a lot so you can dry the dishes or wipe up spills. Plus, if you choose right, it may do a lot to your kitchen’s interior design.

8. Extra plates, glasses, mugs

If you like cooking then you’re probably a natural-born host. That’s why you should be ready for everything. You don’t want to ever be surprised by the number of your guests. Or maybe all your dishes are in the dishwasher and some friends come over unannounced. Be prepared and always have extra dishes, glasses and mugs.

9. Proper cutting board

Most people agree that you should go for either wooden or plastic cutting boards - they’re safe and especially the plastic ones are extremely easy to wash; wood chopping block is not only practical but it can also serve as a serving tray. Glass or marble cutting boards may look great but they will dull your knives and every cook loves their knives too much to hurt them like that.

10. Non-stick bakeware

This is something you will love if you ever bake, even if it’s only once in a while. You won’t get furious over cake sticking to the mould, plus, it’s very easy to wash afterwards - no scratching needed.

Believe that you will be thankful for having most of these things in your kitchen, especially (but not only) if you spend a lot of time in there. Make it nice, easy and enjoyable.



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