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DIY Kitchen Renovation

Over the course of the few months, I will be ripping out my old kitchen and installing a DIY kitchen from scratch. It has been close to 10 years since I installed my existing kitchen, and the wrapped doors and Formica countertops are just not doing it for me anymore.


The inspiration behind the planned renovation comes from the beautiful Shaker kitchens that are filling up Pinterest and the likes. Having previously posted on how easy it is to revamp a kitchen in the Shaker style in our Kitchen Improvement section, I'm definitely going for this look for my own kitchen makeover.

Shaker style is easy for kitchens due to its simplicity and it's one that can be easily replicated with supawood, paint and basic tools. The doors are plain 16mm supawood boards with added trim around the edge of the door fronts. You can tone down or up the level of elegance by selecting the perfect handles and knobs. 

Shaker style lends itself to many types of kitchen designs, from a rustic cottage kitchen with modern flair that incorporates open shelves and wood elements...

To modern sophistication with glass-front cabinets and trendy appliances.


Another consideration that makes a Shaker kitchen a great DIY option is that, materials are readily available at any Builders Warehouse or timber & board merchant, and these can be cut to size - making it easy to assemble your new kitchen. SupaWood in 16mm is recommended for assembling kitchen cabinet carcasses and doors, and the added trim can be done via the use of 3mm or 6mm SupaWood strips glued onto door fronts.

To plan the layout for your kitchen renovation a program such as SketchUp allows you to plan down to the smallest detail. Being able to use this free downloadable program, and taking the time to get to know how the program works, can save you money and give you the freedom to design your own kitchen layout.

I'm also loving the colour combinations for Shaker style kitchens. Trending now are Shaker kitchens in white, black or grey hues that look absolutely gorgeous. The grey cabinets contrast beautifully with warm wood accents and countertops. As part of the planned renovation for my kitchen, I will be adding a butcher-block style countertop and for which I will also post step-by-step instructions.

I will keep you posted as the work begins and progresses through each step of the kitchen renovation, so that you can see for yourself how easy it can be, any difficulties or recommendations, and the finished result. 

images via skonahem - pinterest


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