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A You Dreaming of a White Kitchen?

While we may never dream of a white Christmas, there's nothing wrong with dreaming of a white kitchen!


While a white Christmas is not even a slight possibility, if you are dreaming of a white kitchen then read on to find out more about why white is definitely a fantastic colour for any kitchen - large or small.

This kitchen makeover done by Kitchen Magic shows how a few changes can make a huge impact on a kitchen. What was a beige and bland kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous after the makeover, and believe it or not, it isn't expensive or difficult to achieve this look in your kitchen.












With its light oak cabinets and mottled brown granite countertops, this dated kitchen needed a makeover. The bones of the kitchen were still in good shape, but the doors and drawer fronts needed some attention, and it was time to remove and replace the boring beige tile on the walls.

White is Clean and Fresh

No matter what room in the home, white always has a way of making everything look clean and fresh. This is especially so in a kitchen, where hygiene is of the utmost importance but you don't want a space that is too sterile or bland. Look at designing a kitchen that has lots of white elements with a few accent pieces that set the tone and mood of the room.






White Visually Enlarges a Room

Another benefit of having a white kitchen, especially a smaller sized kitchen, is that white has the ability to make a room feel larger than it is. That is probably why white is such a popular colour for bathrooms. If you have a pokey kitchen that doesn't receive a lot of natural light, painting the walls and cupboards white will make a big difference.

With a brief to give the kitchen a brighter more modern look and feel, the designers were asked to keep within a tight budget and hence the reason for refacing rather than replacing the existing cabinets. This is something that anyone can do and can save a fortune on having a new kitchen. Another option is to look at painting the cabinets yourself or having a professional do it for you.

New appliances were also part and parcel of the kitchen makeover since many of the existing appliances were not energy efficient and well overdue for changing to energy-efficient appliances that would add to the overall look of the newly revamped kitchen.






White is Easy to Maintain

With white being such a popular colour, it's so much easier to do touch-ups and repairs to a white kitchen. Select a brand of paint that you will use to makeover the kitchen and keep that in mind if the time comes to do any maintenance.

New appliances with satin finish won't show up fingerprint but do add a sense of lightness to the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances don't make a feature by standing out - they prefer to grab attention in a more subtle approach.



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