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How to Cut Glass Tiles without a Wet Saw

I'm busy tiling my kitchen backsplash and wanted to fit a way to cut the glass tiles without using a wet saw.


I'm busy tiling my kitchen backsplash and have mounted all the solid sections but now need to cut glass tile to fit around the edges. Not having a wet saw, which is all they show on YouTube, and having lent my tile cutter out and never brought back, I decided to cut the glass tiles the old fashioned way - with a glass tile scorer. I have also previously tried this before with my tile cutter, but the results didn't come out as good as this method.







Glass scorer

Cutting oil or WD-40

Steel ruler

Strong clamp - My favourite is the Bessey Kliklamp

Permanent marker









I have a glass tile scorer that I've had for many years. While using this to cut glass and mirror, I haven't used it to cut glass tiles. The tiles I am cutting are very thick but I decided to give it a try to see if it worked.

1. Mark on the tile where you need to cut and use the tile scorer to mark along the drawn line.

2. Use a steel ruler to help follow the marked line and clamp this onto your tile and workbench. Apply some cutting oil or WD-40 before you score. This will make it easier to do the job and also extend the life of the scorer head.

GOOD TO KNOW: It's important to hold the scorer perfectly upright so that the scorer grinds into the surface of the glass tile.

3. Run the tile scorer along the line quite a few times, paying particular attention to the edges. If you don't score properly these will not cut in a straight line.






4. To cleanly break the glass tile, place the scored line over a skewer. Place your hand over the largest section and tap the other with a hammer.

5. The tile scorer should give you a clean break, but sometimes if you don't score hard enough, you end up with an uneven edge as shown below.






GOOD TO KNOW: Here's yet another great way to use your Dremel Multitool. Fit a diamond-encrusted bit into the tool and grind away the rough edges.

Now you can cut as many glass tiles as you need and don't have to buy any expensive tools to do the job.



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