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How to remove and replace a built-in oven

If you want to replace your old built-in oven with a brand new oven, it only requires a few simple steps - no electrician required!


No judgment please... but during my kitchen renovation, the ceramic hob was cracked and although I didn't want to have to put a new one in until the reno was complete, I ended up having to install both a new hob and a built-in oven. I previously did then when I first did a renovation on the kitchen about 15 years ago, but for those of you who want to put in a new built-in oven and don't know how - read on.

The hardest part of removing and replacing a built-in oven is trying to find out how the oven is secured in place. More often than not, removing the hob, especially if the oven is mounted underneath, allows you to get to the fastenings that hold the oven in its position. But before going to the trouble of taking out the hob, take a look inside the cupboards to see if you can find any fastenings for the oven.





In my case. after removing the hob I had easy access to the screws holding the built-in oven in place and could quite easily remove these to pull out the oven.





That truly is the hardest part of removing and replacing a built-in oven. So, if you are desperately wanting to replace your old oven, take a look to see if you can determine how to get it out.

With the oven pulled out, you have easy access to the cables and wiring for the hob and oven and can remove these. It's always a good idea to take a few pics with your phone beforehand, so that you understand what goes where when you need to wire up the new oven.

If you are totally useless at this point, call a qualified Electrician. At least you will have saved yourself a bit of money by removing the old oven on your own!

Your new hob and oven will come with all the necessary cables to install these. Be sure to check the boxes when unpacking, as I ordered an oven and hob from Takealot and both came without any means to wire them up, either separately or together. I had to make arrangements to return the oven and hob I purchased from them and re-order. Never mind the fact that I originally ordered on special but waited so long for the matter to be resolved that I then no longer qualified for the special pricing. Just. Not. Fair.





By law, both the hob and oven have to have clearly marked instructions or diagrams for installation purposes, both on the appliance and in the instruction manual. This makes it easy for you to install yourself, as long as you have an understanding of basic electrical wiring (live / neutral / earth). Again, if you don't feel comfortable doing this part on your own, call in a professional.

In this particular instance, the oven was wired in to the existing point for the old oven and the hob and oven had wired clips that simply had to be inserted into the clearly marked point.

All together, the removal of the broken hob and old oven and installation of the new appliances, took around 30 minutes and cost absolutely nothing.



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