What is Gilder's Paste or Gilder's Wax and What is it Used For?

Gilder's paste or wax is a wax-based medium artists and crafters use to add effects to a project by highlighting details or providing metallic highlights.


Paint Your Takkies or Sneakers with Acrylic Paint

Grab some pots of acrylic paint and a paintbrush and paint your takkies or sneakers for a fun way to put your best foot forward!


Paint by Numbers for Creative Family Bonding at Home

Paint by numbers is a classic art activity that not only ignites imagination but also serves as a fantastic avenue for family bonding.


How Easy is it to Paint on Fabric?

If you know the trick to painting on plain fabric, you have the ability to design fabrics such as tablecloths, napkins, and other textiles, to complement your home decor.


Modernise or Update a Chest of Drawers

It doesn't take much to transform an ugly chest of drawers into a modern and stylish piece for a home.


Update or Modernise Plain Pine Furniture

There are so many ways that you can give dated or old-fashioned and affordable pine furniture and new look and we show you a few tricks.

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Embracing the DIY Lifestyle

Builders Warehouse works towards helping customers even more by collaborating with Thabang Lehobye. #DoItYourWay

How to Use Paint and Stencils to Give any Room a New Look

Forget about the hassle and mess of wallpaper and rather think how easy it is to use paint and stencils on a wall to give any room a new look.


Turn Old Bowls, Glasses, and Vases into Decorative Holders

Recycling items that you no longer use is a wonderful way to try something new and these decorative holders can be used indoors or outdoors and are easy to make in an hour or so.

What is Best for Finishing Pine Projects?

Being the most affordable wood available, pine is often used for many DIY projects, but what products can be used for finishing and what is best?

Refresh Dated or Second-hand Furniture

Follow the helpful tips and advice below to revive and refresh dated or second-hand furniture.

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What Do you Need for Hydro Dipping?

Hydro dipping is the art of using water and spray paint or nail polish to create a unique finish on dated, bargain buys, thrift store finds, or secondhand bargains.

Easy to Make Textured Artwork for a Home

The latest craze for art is textured art, and it is one that can be easily copied to make your own personal artwork for a home.

Use Paving Paint on Steps or Stoep

Using paving paint is a great way to spruce up concrete steps or a stoep and give it a new look.

DIY Large Format Art for a Home

Big and bold can be used to describe this DIY large format art display for a home and it is super easy to make as well!

Creating Art with Pebbles

Here are some wonderful artistic ideas for crafting with pebbles that both kids and grown-ups might enjoy!

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Decorate Walls with a Geometric Design and a Paint Pen

This quick project shows how easy it is to decorate a wall using a geometric design and a paint pen.

Fabric Paint is a Great Way to Create Custom Fabrics

With acrylic medium, you can now turn any acrylic paints into fabric paints to create custom fabrics for your home.

Apply Textured, Paintable Wallpaper to Furniture

Wallpaper doesn't have to be just for walls and textured, paintable wallpaper brings detail when applied to plain furniture.

Use Spray Paint to Create a Custom Rug Design

Here is an easy way to take a plain piece of carpet and turn it into a designer rug, custom-designed for your home.

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Make a Planter Pot Coffee Table or Side Table

Inexpensive plastic planters or pots are a great solution if you are looking for a coffee table or side table that is different and complements your home decor.

Make an Art Easel for Under R200

Don't waste your money on an art easel that costs over R500 and upwards for a decent one when you can make one for less than R200.

Create Decorative ‘Crack Effects’ on Furniture or Crafts

Kraftex Creative Cracks is a quality product that allows for the effortless and quick creation of a unique decorative crack effect.

Express Your Creativity with Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers has been revived and is fast becoming the new way to create art for a home and have fun at the same time.

Get Started with Airbrush and Spray Gun Painting

Aircraft, one of the world's leading brands of spray guns, now offers complete kits in a wide range of spray guns, airbrushes, compressors and accessories.

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Make Painted Rock Art

Painted rock or pebble art has become a global trend, and crafters have fun collecting rocks and pebbles to paint their own colourful designs onto them.

Update Old Furniture With Milk Paint

Giving furniture a makeover with paint is easy but when you want to use eco-friendly paint, milk paint should be a consideration.

Quick Project: Make Your Own Colourful Bottles

Make a colourful arrangement of recycled bottles - for display or buds or plant cuttings - using acrylic craft paint.

Decorative bisque crafts

If you are thinking about starting a new craft or want to try something new and perhaps make a bit of extra cash, why not try painting blank ceramic bisque.

Inspiration For Fabric Painting - The Easy Way

Add some interest and colour to your indoor or outdoor dining, or make your own cushion covers, curtains or blinds, with these simple and easy ideas for fabric painting.

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There's A New Craft In Town - Sharpies And Alcohol

Get crafty with colourful Sharpie pens and some alcohol or use alcohol ink for your craft projects with these inspiring ideas.

Chalk Paint A Chair With Pops Of Colour

When there are some many great colours available, why wouldn't you want to chalk paint your chairs to add a pop of colour to a plain dining room!

Quick Project: Makeover for Concrete Plant Pots

It is time to re-pot my Peace Lilies and I bought some new concrete pots and gave them a quick Rust-Oleum spray paint makeover.

Crafting with Mixed Media

If you are looking for a new hobby to fill your time, crafting with mixed media lets you work with a variety of mediums to create unique and one of a kind pieces.

Did You Know that Colouring In can Relieve Stress?

If sitting at home has you feeling stressed, print out some colouring-in pages and grab your pencils - clinical psychologists recommend this for stress-relief.

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Easy to Create Dandelion Art

If you are looking for ways to add art to your walls, try using recycled toilet roll tubes to make this dandelion artwork.

Acrylic Pouring Introduction

In this article we introduce you to the absolute basics of acrylic pouring and what you need.

Give any old Lamp a Revamp with Paint

If you have an old lamp lying around the home that you want to upcycle or update, here are a few paint techniques you may want to consider.

Paint your own Wall Organiser

If you're still struggling to get yourself or your kids organised for the year ahead, this easy wall organiser will get you started.

Blend and shade painted furniture

When you take the step to paint a piece of furniture, the first thing you are going to want to do is to find some inspiration to guide you through the process.

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Add a Feature to your Floors with a Mandala Stencil

Use Tjhoko Paint and stencil of Paris to create a beautiful Mandala design on a concrete floor.


A Pop of almost Classic Blue with Chalk Paint

Classic Blue is Pantone's Colour Of The Year for 2020, and you can use Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint to easily and quickly transform a plain pine chair into a playful piece that also adds a splash of colour.


Add a Touch of Marble to your home interior

Here is an easy way to add a touch of marble to your home interior, with either marbled paper or marbled fabric.


Upcycle a Bedside Cabinet with Chalk Paint

When your bedroom needs an update, it's easy to transform furniture with chalk paint.


Stencil a Fireplace Surround

Why replace dated tiles around a fireplace when you can use stencils and paint for a brand new look.

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How to Decant Spray Paint for Airbrush or craft projects

I have had an airbrush for quite a few years and have found airbrush paint very expensive. But here's a way to decant spray paint for use with an airbrush for a more affordable paint option.


Upcycle old furniture into statement pieces

Don't throw out an old piece of furniture when you can upcycle with a new look to transform it into a statement piece for your home.


How to make a Canvas Frame

When my son got married, he had some of his wedding photos transferred onto canvas, and now he needs to make the frames for the canvas sheets.


Paint Pouring Challenge for Cell Art

There is a challenge across the Internet that is for paint pouring to make your own cell art, but before you rush out and spend a fortune on craft supplies... watch these videos.


Great Ideas for Colourful Flower Pots

As the weather gets cooler and we look at moving indoors, adding some colourful flower pots and indoor plants to rooms brings the outdoors indoors and helps keep the air fresh.

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Make your own Colourful Hand Painted Cushions

It isn't always easy to find the perfect fabric for all your projects, and this is when you will want to create your own fabrics using fabric paint or acrylic craft paint.


Quick Project: Wall Art

This quick project lets you make your own wall art - in any colour - to fill up a blank wall.


Transfer an image onto wood... easily!

If you want to transfer an image onto wood, there are quite a few easy ways to do this using supplies you can buy at any Builders store.


Easy way to apply stencil design to walls

Create a unique design to walls using this affordable way to stencil on walls.


Upcycle flower pots

Give your flower pots a new look for spring with these crafty ways to decorate flower pots.

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Have fun with Sharpie pens

I love using Sharpie pens for crafts; there are so many wonderful colours to choose from and so many ways to use a Sharpie pen.

The art of pyrography

Pyrography - or wood burning - is an art itself, but Julie Bender takes it to another level with her gallery of works.

Decoupage on furniture

If you're looking for an easy way to update furniture or to give it a custom look, why not try your hand at decoupage.

Which spray paint is the best brand?

With so many brands of spray paint on the shelf at your local hardware stores, it's hard to know which one is right for your project. Here are a few facts to note when next buying spray paint for your craft or DIY project.

Make your own foam stencils

Foam sheets are available at craft stores and online suppliers, and are a great way to make your own stencilled fabric designs.

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Top 3 painting tips

Before starting on painting project, take a quick read through these top three tips designed to have you upcycle-ready in no time.

Summer fun with a watermelon tray

Add some colour and fun to your entertaining with this watermelon tray. All you need is a piece of pine, some craft paint, and a couple of handles and screws.

Add stencil detail to projects

Using reclaimed or pallets is still trending and in this article you will find out how easy it is to add your own stencil wording to whitewashed planks.

Serving tray with relief design

These simple wooden serving trays with handles have a relief design that you can customise to make your own beautiful trays for parties and celebrations.

Sand sensibly and save time and money

These two children's chairs had broken seats, and the seats and backs were only 3mm hardboard and needed to be replaced. They were also covered with layer upon layer of paint, which wall full of runs. The backs and seats were removed and replaced and the chair frames sanded and sprayed with Rust-Oleum satin sweet pea and gloss berry pink.

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Makeover with paint, paper and ModPodge

This project details how a chest of drawers is transformed using paint, scrapbook paper and ModPodge and showcases how you can take an old fashioned piece of furniture, like this chest of drawers, and turn it into a prized possession that you want to have out on display.

Painted pebbles cacti

My kids brought back a whole bag of pebbles from the beach and I decided to paint these to resemble potted cacti and placed them in colourful pots. They will provide a wonderful splash of colour on the patio.

Glue gun wall art

You can use a glue gun for various projects, but here's a way to use a glue gun to make colourful wall art - and you can make any design you like.

Use glass stain to decorate glassware

You can use glass stain to dress up inexpensive glassware or recycle glass food jars into colourful containers.

Have fun with Rust-Oleum spray paint

At a cost of around R80 per tin you can paint almost anything with Rust-Oleum; from plastics to wood. Rust-Oleum is not your average spray paint and offers high coverage even with one coat, which means one can goes a long way!

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How to paint a roman blind or curtain

You will find easy instructions for making your own Roman blinds and I mention in the article that the most difficult part of making your own blinds is finding the right fabric. So, if you can't find fabric you like you could consider painting your own fabric!

Have fun with painted pebbles

Painted pebbles are a fun way for the whole family to get involved in crafting. It's also a crafty idea if you are looking to keep the kids occupied during school holidays. You can buy a small bag of pebbles at your local garden centre or nursery, or collect them at the beach on your next holiday vacation.

Biscuit tin turned into vintage sewing kit

Turn a plain biscuit tin into a wonderful decor accessory or sewing kit using a few bits from your sewing box. This simple project shows how easily you can transform everyday items that would normally be thrown away into something useful.

Add floral stencil design to plain wall

If you have  plain wall that needs a bit of interest added, making a stencil and adding a pretty design is an easy and  affordable way to dress up a bare spot with flair. Choose a paint colour that complements your existing colour scheme, or go for a colour that really pops.

Food colouring = Wood stain

Any easy way to make your own colourful wood stain is to use food colouring. In this article you will find out how easy it is to stain wood in any colour you want - easy and affordably. Grab some PAR pine blocks to practice on and start mixing up rainbow shades of wood stains.

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Easy painted panel headboard

Turn 12mm PG Bison MDF panels into a colourful headboard with paint. Have 12mm MDF cut to size at your local Builders and then paint in colours and pattern that match you existing decor. You can add as many 300mm-wide panels to create a headboard for any size bed.

Spray or paint your serviettes!

With a Rust-Oleum conference coming up I decided to show the many ways - other than the obvious - to use spray paint. The serviettes are cut from canvas drop cloth and the edges are frayed, although you can fold them and sew if you prefer a neater finish.

Stencil a canvas cushion or pillow

Using a stencil to create unique designs on canvas is a fun and affordable way to add your own personal touch to a room.

Create polka dot kitchen canisters

Rust-Oleum chalkboard spray has so many uses, but to tie in with our Colourful Kitchen article, I sprayed two glass jars (R39.99 at Mr Price Home) with chalkboard spray and added colourful designs with Bostik glass deco paints. Just one of the many ways to transform affordable decor accessories into unique pieces for any home.

Nail varnish dipped plant pots

Forget about paint dipped pots. This project shows how you can use nail varnish to add a colourful dipped effect to plant pots, or anything else for that matter. Buy a few bottles of inexpensive nail varnish in your choice of colours and experiment.

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Lace and spray paint for furniture

Some years back I posted an article on using lace and spray paint to dress up the top of a cabinet. This technique has resurfaced all over the Internet and there are beautiful examples of lace spray painted furniture. It's an easy way to dress up a dated piece and put a new twist on old furniture.

Wall mural painting technique

Imagine being able to paint any design as a wall mural - creating wall murals for a children's bedroom or nursery. The DIY Divas are proud to present a Wall Mural Painting Workshop in conjunction with Kaylynne Thompson-Jagga, graphic designer and artist extraordinaire.

Painted canvas placemats

I have discovered many uses for canvas dropcloths that I buy from my local Builders Warehouse, and this is a great project for using up any leftover scraps that you may have lying around.

Create one-of-a-kind accent furniture

Painting furniture is a wonderful way to update old furniture to fit into your space, as was the case with this old credenza. A stencilled design transform the cabinet into a stylish piece that now fits nicely into a guest bedroom.

Simple yet stunning faux metal picture frames

Making a plain picture frame is simple, but adding texture transforms a plain picture frame into a stylish frame that would normally cost big bucks. Use offcuts or PAR pine to make these picture frames and then add a distinctive faux finish.

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Paint a custom area rug

Painted rugs have become a trend as people realise how easy it is to do. If you use a quality paint and brush it into the pile of the carpet, a painted rug will last reasonably well depending on the amount of traffic, and you can clean by wiping with a lightly damp cloth.

Paint on ceramics

Using ceramic or glass liner pens and paints allows you to transfer designs onto ceramic and porcelain crockery to add a touch of your own personality to plain items. You will find ceramic or glass liners at craft and hobby stores, and they are available in a range of colours.

Painted cushions inspired by art

Over at the cavender diary a set of cushions are given an art-inspired paint treatment that transforms them from plain to unique. No special paints involved, these cushions were splashed with everyday household paint leftover from various home projects.

Cake stand made from plant pots

Dress up some plant pots with spray paint to create this charming cake stand. Easy to make, you can add your own personal touch to this cake stand to match your table decor or party theme.

How to paint and distress old furniture

I love discovering old piece of furniture that can be painted and distressed, especially when you pick them up for practically nothing because people don't want them anymore. But even searching online classified can sometimes result in finding hidden treasures, or vintage pieces that haven't been cared for.

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Metallic zebra print rug

I have been longing for a zebra print rug for ages and finally bought myself a large piece of canvas dropcloth and some Rust-Oleum Universal metallic in pure gold so that I can make my own zebra print rug. Once you've got the design done, painting and finishing your own zebra print rug is quite easy.

Dress up a chest of drawers with geometric designs

This project shows how easily you can transform a chest of drawers, or any piece of furniture, into a wonderful show piece for a home. This plain chest of drawers is finished with a geometric design in aqua hues.

Dandelion triptych

I have been wanting to make a dandelion triptych for ages and a recent experiment using relief paint and aluminium foil to make a picture frame got me to thinking about the perfect idea. My dandelion art is on MDF and uses relief paint, which is then covered with Rust-Oleum titanium silver spray paint. I love it...!

Make a hand painted rug

I found this stunning project and this is definitely one I want to try... when I find the time, as I need a couple of rugs for various rooms in my home and just can't find what I'm looking for. This painted rug is quick and easy to make and you can customise the design and colour to fit in with your decor.

Make your own embellished letters

Take a look around your home and you are bound to come across odd pieces of broken jewellery, single earrings, buttons and other items that you can use to create your own embellished letters. It's so easy...

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Handy storage rack for craft paints

Here's a nifty way to make a craft storage centre for all your craft paints. You can also use this craft storage centre for glitter, nail polish and lipstick, or cotton thread. In fact, there are so many ways to use this craft storage centre. Hang one in a child's bedroom for storing crayons, pencils and kokies.

Get creative with the humble potato

As a young girl I remember cutting up potatoes to make my own stamps for projects. Potatoes were always readily available and easy enough to cut into shapes for stamping onto card and fabric. Today there are other options, but why fork out hard-earned cash when you can still use potatoes for creative stamping.

So many ways to use Rust-Oleum spray paint

You know I love Rust-Oleum spray paint. I have used it for so many projects here on Home-Dzine. Rust-Oleum is not your average spray paint, far from it, and you need to grab a can or two from your local Builders Warehouse to give it at try and see for yourself. Here are some projects that use Rust-Oleum spray paint to get those creative juices flowing...

Old headboards become a daybed

What to do with a pair of headboards picked up at a bargain price? These solid Imbuia headboards are to valuable to ignore and it's amazing to see what can actually be done with a pair of old headboards.

Make a chalkboard menu or notice board

I find chalkboard menu boards very useful. You can hang them in the kitchen to remind you of groceries to buy, or what's for dinner, hang them in the laundry or home office, or make one for the kids to use. Grab a can of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint at your local Builders Warehouse and start spraying...!

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How to paint a headboard

Easy DIY magazine recently commissioned me to design a couple of quick and easy headboard projects for future issues. I put my thinking cap on for this, and one idea that immediately came to mind was to paint a headboard.

Reuse or repurpose old with a new coat of paint

Sometimes all you need is a can of paint and you can transform dated or mismatched decor accessories easily and quickly.

Easy art with Rust-Oleum Universal - pure gold

Here's an easy way to make your own art with Rust-Oleum Universal - pure gold - spray paint and canvas frames. Repurpose old canvas art and transform them using masking tape and Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint in pure gold.

Painting ceramic, melamine or glass plates

For children's birthday parties you can easily decorate a few paper, melamine or ceramic plates for the occasion. Marie at makes and takes has a project to make a painted party plate can be used over and over again.

How to do block painting onto fabric

Block printing is a fun and affordable way to create your own unique fabrics using nothing more than your own printing blocks and paint. If you use matt acrylic paints your designs are washable and you can design an unlimited selection of fabrics.

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Create art with Rust-Oleum spray paint

It doesn't take much for me to find ways to use spray paint. Having previously tried my hand using an artist's spray gun, I found it fun to grab a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum for my 3-seasons apple tree art. This art signifies spring, summer and autumn. I would have added winter but didn't have enough room on the wall!

Vintage ceiling tile clock

Although these aren't tin ceiling tiles, you can easily paint modern plastic ceiling tiles to look vintage, and then transform into an antique finish clock. In this project we show you how to paint plastic ceiling tiles to look like vintage tiles, and then make your ceiling tile into a clock.

More paint dipped plant pots - the easy way!

I have originally posted on paint dipped decor and how it's becoming quite a trend. I came across this project that shows an easy and simpleway to apply a paint dipped finish.

Paint your way to unique fabrics

Instead of forking out your well-earned cash on expensive fabric accessories, why not get creative with fabric and fabric.

Get creative with paint

There are so many creative ways to have fun with paint and provide practical solutions for home decor. We have included a couple of projects that show how easy it is to use paint to highlight a feature on a wall.

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Make a burlap table runner

This charming table runner features flowers that give it a contemporary touch. The runner is made from durable burlap fabric that’s covered in fun stencilled patterns.

Paint dipped decor

I accidentally stumbled upon some images of paint dipped baskets and thought that this was a great way to add interest to baskets, flower pots and other home decor items. Although, if you are planning to do this, make sure you collect together more than one item to paint dip, as it can otherwise work out very expensive.

Makeover an old coffee table

I love making over an old piece. It gives it new life, new potential and in doing so, can totally change the look of a space.

Stencilling tips

Stencils are perfect for DIY decor: easy, economical and fun! You can stencil with a roller or a stencil brush.

Paint a rug with spray paint!

I recently came across a post where a rug was painted with a stencil design. Having used my Rust-Oleum spray paints on fabric and furniture, there's no reason why you can't use it on rugs and mats as well.

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How to paint and stencil a table

How to paint a table with a stencilled design. Follow these easy step-by step instructions.

Back to school task board

I stumbled across this lovely project for a task board that the kids (and parents) can use to keep track of what needs to be done on a daily basis. What a great idea!

Custom art works

I really wanted to find a nice way to add colour to a blank wall and thought it would be perfect to do a stencilled canvas art. All of the art I saw in stores was either too expensive or didn’t go with my space at all, most of the time it was both!

Wetherley Wannabe

I know many detest brochures that find their way into our mail boxes. Even though I complain about them as hard as the next person – I will always have a complete scan of all things nice. And all things are possible with a little determination and imagination.

Painted blanket box

Take a plain, wooden blanket box and transform it with paint into a wonderful treasure for a bedroom.

Colour glass jars

Use paint to add colour to glass jars for a decorative accent in the home.

How to paint curtains

It's easy to makeover a set of plain curtains (or cotton flat sheets) with fabric paint and stencil. There are no fancy techniques involved; simply find a design that you like, cut out the stencil and stencil the design onto the fabric.

"My Art" memo board - reader project

I love giving this project as a gift to my friends' children, as they love to display their works of art. An affordable but personal gift idea.

Table makeover with distressed technique

Sometimes older pieces cry out for a bit of TLC to restore them to stunning collectibles. Here's how to create a rustic finish on a wooden side table using paint and a distressing technique.

Vinyl on canvas wall art

If you aren't very good at painting, applying vinyl cut outs to a canvas is an easy way to create your own unique art.

Make your own canvas wall art

You don't even need to be artistic to create your own wall art!

How to make your own stencils

Making your own stencils is easy and you can make stencils in any design you want. Here's how to design and create your own stencils.

How to spray paint

With a can or two of Rust-Oleum 2X or Painter's Touch spray paint you can liven up your kitchen colour scheme.

Barcode wall art

Use masking tape and craft paint to create your own unique barcode art

Cute picture frames

These frames cost around R20 each at home decor stores, and it takes less than 30 minutes to complete three of them!

Restore furniture with paint

This oak buffet was gathering dust in a garage before being restored to its original glory.

How to decorate a plain blind

Stencils have come a long way; today’s options are sophisticated, easy to use, and offer you endless design possibilities. Combine your favourite pattern and paint colour for a shade that makes a personal statement in a bedroom, bath, home office, or anywhere you want to add privacy.

Discover stamping

Rubber stamping is the latest trend for adding unique touches to a wall, border, fabric, furniture - in fact you can stamp onto almost anything! It's fun, it's easy and it's definitely a fun way to add your own personal touch.

Mock stained glass

Some self-adhesive vinyl, glass stain or Rust-Oleum paint pens and liquid lead are all that you need to create your own stained glass window.

Gilded bottles

Don't throw away empty bottles, transform them with Rust-Oleum Leafing Pens or metallic craft paint.

Paint a melamine bookshelf

Andrea Vogel, one of our readers, shows you how easy it is to transform a dated melamine bookshelf into a stylish and modern shelf display unit with paint.

Serving tray from an old cabinet door

In this project, we transform an old cabinet door into an elegant serving tray. We designed a classic white tray with black detailing, but you can choose any colours.

Learn how to silk screen

Silk screen printing is a fairly simple printing technique that - with a few essential materials - is easy to master.

Dresser makeover

A made-over dresser and mirror (along with new window treatments) turn this wall into a glamorous focal point.

Mosaic design tablecloth

Create a mosaic-effect border with a Moroccan flavour for a kitchen tablecloth using one simple stencil and a subtle blue and aqua colour combination.

How to paint furniture

Paint is not just for using on walls. There are so many ways that you can use paint to update your home - and furniture - and save money on replacing items by simply giving them a new look.

How to antique furniture

Transform an ordinary piece of furniture into an antique piece with a little bit of paint and glaze.

Revamp garden table

The secret to painting this faux-mosaic table top? Dot stickers. Plus some white paint followed by a few coats of fabulous French blue paint. Add matching French bistro chairs and an old chandelier, and you’re ready for an al fresco candlelight dinner.

Make your own canvas frames

Whether you want to create and paint your own works of art, or hang fabric as decorative works, here's how to create your own canvas frames ...

Decorative Artwork You Can Do Yourself

In this feature are some simple DIY ideas that you can do no matter your skill level.

Bring out the creativity in you through painting

In this article, we’re here with some top tips for beginners, to help you kickstart your painting adventure.

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