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Express Your Creativity with Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers has been revived and is fast becoming the new way to create art for a home and have fun at the same time.






Remember when you were young and paint by numbers was a popular trend for kids and teens? If you don't remember that time, you wouldn't know how much fun it was being able to create wonderful masterpieces yourself without any difficulty or technique. Paint by numbers is back, but unlike previously, you can purchase a variety of different canvas styles to paint your very own artwork to hang on a wall.









If you are looking to bring some colour into a room in your home, what could be easier than a paint by numbers works of art to hang on a wall.



Why paint by number is once again popular is due to the ease that anyone can create art and especially those that don't have the talent of drawing their ideas onto paper or canvas. Buying a paint by numbers kit provides everything you need to start and finish a piece of hand-painted art.


Paint by number kits provide all the supplies and materials you need to paint a particular work of art, that includes the blank, numbered canvas, paintbrushes and acrylic water-based paint pots. All you have to do is use the coded paint pots corresponding with the code on the artwork - it is as easy as that.







Who Would Enjoy Paint By Numbers?

Whether you are an artist by nature or one that has only now discovered a love of art, paint by numbers allows you the opportunity to get involved in creating your own masterpieces - the easy way. Paint by numbers isn't cheating, it is more about building your skill level until you feel confident to create your own works of art.


Paint by numbers is even more popular than colouring-in or completing jigsaw puzzles as a way to relax and relieve stress. In our current situation, with everyone worrying about the global pandemic and how this will affect their lifestyle, paint by numbers lets you thoroughly immerse yourself in creating something special.



Each pre-mixed colour pot is coded to correspond with the numbering on the template, making it difficult to go wrong.



Following the codes on the paint pots, you fill up the blank (coded) areas on each paint by numbers sheet.



Paint By Number Canvas Designs

There are so many designs to choose from whether you prefer abstract, landscape, portrait, animals, nature or fantasy, you can purchase a wide selection of paint by number designs in South Africa, or even order unique designs for international shipping, although these may be more expensive.



Some of the landscape designs are replicas of well-known works of art by painters and cover pastoral and seasonal images.







Paint By Numbers for Young Artists



Perfect for decorating a children's bedroom, you can purchase fantasy paint by number designs.



Perhaps your children are also interested in painting and would also like to try their hand at an adorable painting for their bedroom wall. Many paint by number artworks are suitable for all ages and are available for different skill levels, so you can choose one to get you started and then move on to a more difficult paint by numbers design.



Attention to detail

Depending on where you order from, and I ordered my tiger canvas from, the kit should include a canvas print of a particular size, paint pots and paintbrushes. I was impressed by the instant eye-catching design of the tiger and appreciated how much it would stand out on a blank wall.



Take a closer look at the attention to detail on this picture, and which you will find on most other paint by number designs, particularly those with a certain level of painting skill. Every single detail on the canvas is numbered so that you can't go wrong, and the pre-mixed paint colours are easy to apply, whatever your skill level.



Make sure that the kit you buy includes everything you need. After finishing your paint by numbers canvas, the only thing you need to do is to have it framed or make your own frame.




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