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Did You Know that Colouring In can Relieve Stress?

If sitting at home has you feeling stressed, print out some colouring-in pages and grab your pencils - clinical psychologists recommend this for stress-relief.


As a workaholic, I can understand how anxious it can be not to have anything to do. I constantly keep myself occupied with one project or another, but what other activities can you do to relieve stress while locked down at home? Clinical psychologists say that sitting down and colouring-in is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress, and all you need is a printer and some coloured pencils. You can buy packs of coloured pencils, wax crayons and felt-tip pens at your local Supermarket.

Take your mind off what is happening around you by losing yourself in the process of colouring-in an adult version of a colouring-in book, and the kids can also get involved as well with their crayons. Psychologists claim that the act of giving your mind a break from the current situation is relaxing on its own, and since the act of colouring-in commands your attention, it does offer a distraction.







While we might be locked down in our homes, we still have access to the web, where you can download plenty of adult and child colouring-in sheets. We provide a few interesting colouring-in pages to get you started.

Framed art with inspirational quotes are happening all over the world, and for those that aren't very artistic when drawing freehand, you can download and print out colouring pages to make your own inspirational artwork. We have included a link to a Pinterest page that is filled with letters of the alphabet that you can colour in.







Once your colouring-in page is finished, look for a suitable frame to mount it into - or make your own picture frame using pine moulding that you can buy at Builders once the lockdown is over.

If you're looking for instant art to fill a blank wall, look for colouring in pages that can be enlarged at Post-Net or printing shop that can be mounted in frames.







Click on the images below to open an enlarged version that fits onto an A4 sheet of paper and print out. 



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