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Make your own foam stencils

Foam sheets are available at craft stores and online suppliers, and are a great way to make your own stencilled fabric designs.


It's not always easy to find the perfect complementary accessories for your home, so making your own is an easy, simple solution. Being able to craft your own stencilled fabric gives you the freedom to choose the design and the colours for the fabric.


Craft foam sheets (find at hobby or craft stores)

Craft knife and cutting mat or scissors

Craft glue

Fabric paint or acrylic craft paint

Craft paint roller



1. The first step is to choose your design and print this out. Use this as a guide for cutting out the foam sheet.

2. Glue the cut out foam onto a block of wood. For this project a baking pan was used as the base for the large stencil.

3. Use a paint roller to transfer paint onto the surface of the stencil.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't overload the stencil with paint, as this will result in bleed around the edges.

4. Carefully place and roll the paint roller over the fabric, repeating as necessary to complete the design.

You can use foam sheet stencils to make your own unique fabric for table linens, cushion covers, and even curtains.

GOOD TO KNOW: When using acrylic craft paint as a substitute to fabric paint, let the paint dry and then use a warm iron over the back of the fabric to bond the paint to the fabric.


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