Paint Your Takkies or Sneakers with Acrylic Paint

Grab some pots of acrylic paint and a paintbrush and paint your takkies or sneakers for a fun way to put your best foot forward!






Paint experts share a colourful and artistic way to give a plain pair of takkies or sneakers a new look with acrylic craft paint. With just a few pots of bright acrylic colour, you can transform plain white takkies into a colour explosion and put your best foot forward for the summer ahead. Most of the supplies you will need can be purchased at any Builders store and you can buy an affordable pair of white takkies, tennis shoes or sneakers for this project.



Put on your colourful takkies and stroll into summer!





Follow the step-by-step instructions below to embellish your shoes with pretty flowers or any other design you like. The idea is to be bold with colour and let your shoes shine.






Liquid acrylic paint in your choice of colours

Sharpie light-coloured permanent marker

ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer


Handy Andy

Clean cloths

Container with clean water

Paper kitchen towel or napkin








Step 1 - Clean beforehand

Cleaning before you paint is an important step. Even if your shoes are straight out of the box they may have something on them that will affect the painting process. Remove the shoe laces. Use a slightly damp cloth to rub each shoe with a drop of Handy Andy and then use a clean damp cloth to wipe away any residue. Place the clean shoes in a sunny spot for an hour to thoroughly dry them ready for painting.







Step 2 - Mark out the design

Use a light-coloured Sharpie marker to outline the design you want on each shoe. They don't have to be exactly the same so do not worry too much about the exact placing. It does help a lot to have an idea in mind before you start, so take to the Web and pull up interesting and colourful designs that you can use. 





Step 3 - Start with the base colour

The first paint colour to use is the one that will form the base of the design, in this case, it is the leaves. That's why it is a good idea to have something in mind before you start, so you can plan what colours to use and where. You may need to apply 2 to 3 coats of paint if you want a solid design.



Apply a thin coat of paint for the first layer and then build up the paint until you are satisfied with the result. Too much paint or painting over wet paint will result in cracking so don't rush!





Step 4 - Add more colours

Work on one area of each shoe at a time so that you do not run the risk of smudging the paint while it is still wet. Have all the colours you need handy and also have a container filled with clean water and a disposable towel to clean the paintbrush between colours.





Finishing off

Make sure that all the designs are covered fully with paint and then leave the paint to dry for a couple of hours. When you are sure it is dry, you can apply a coat or two of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer over the painted areas. This will protect the painted design and ensure that it lasts longer.





This craft project works better on new shoes, however, you can still paint old takkies or sneakers that are in good condition. Make sure that they are clean before you apply the paint.








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