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Add a Touch of Marble to your home interior

Here is an easy way to add a touch of marble to your home interior, with either marbled paper or marbled fabric.


Using oil-based enamel paint or nail polish lets you transfer a unique marbled design onto paper or fabric. Since oil and water do not mix, the oil-based paint floats on the surface of the water and lets you draw designs in the paint before transferring them onto fabric or paper to create a marble effect.

To print your own marbled fabric to transform a lampshade, as shown above, follow the steps below. While ours is a black and white marble design, you can use any colours.







Plain cotton or linen fabric, or paper

Oil-based enamel paint in two colours of your choice - or you could also use nail polish

Steel, glass or plastic tray (that fits the fabric or paper size)

Scrap pieces of cardboard and toothpicks

Double-sided tape

Steel or plastic spoons

Disposable gloves








1. Before starting, you need to make a comb for mixing the paint. The comb is pulled across the paint surface to make unique marble designs using two - or more - colours.

Take some scrap cardboard or stiff card that is approximately 202 x 50mm and adhere a strip of double-sided tape along the bottom edge. Place and stick some toothpicks onto one half and then fold the cardboard in half to make the comb.

2. Fill your tray just over half-way with clean water. With gloves on, pour a little of each pain colour or nail polish onto the top of the water.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't stress is some of the paint sinks to the bottom of the tray since this should not affect your printing.






3. Using the comb you made in Step 1. swirl through the paint to create your own unique marbled pattern. Don't swirl too much or you might end up with a muddy effect rather than an elegant marbled design.

4. Take your piece of paper and gently lay on the surface of the water (and paint). Use your hands to work from the centre outwards to carefully remove any trapped air pocket. Lift up the paper at the top corners and place it to one side until dry.

GOOD TO KNOW: Your first attempt is usually quite flooded with paint and not good for use.

5. Take your comb and give the paint a swirl before attempting the next transfer.

6. Now you can proceed with the next piece of paper (or fabric). Repeat Step 4. above.






7. When lifted, the second print will be less of a puddle and have a nice, clear design. For more designs simply repeat this process using fabric or paper. Leave your paper or fabric to dry overnight before using for your projects.

GOOD TO KNOW: To transfer more designs onto paper or fabric, you will need to drip more paint into the tray.

Clean Up

Use a paper towel to absorb as much of the paint as possible before emptying out the water. Wipe away any remaining paint with a paper towel.

Referenced from Gallo images / IDEAS Magazine



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