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Paint your own Wall Organiser

If you're still struggling to get yourself or your kids organised for the year ahead, this easy wall organiser will get you started.


When the new year comes around once again, it's sometimes hard to get back into a routine, especially for young children who are starting school or have a hectic school and after-school schedule. This easy-to-paint wall organiser will not only make it easier for you or your children to see what's going on, but it will also add a splash of colour to a plain wall. Use ordinary craft acrylic paint for the coloured squares and to make it a more versatile surface, finish this off with a matt sealer that will let you write on the surface with chalk.








Acrylic craft paint in assorted colours

Rust-Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane, matte finish

Painter's Tape


Cross-line laser or spirit level and straightedge

Foam paint roller and paint tray

Tape measure and pencil








1. The first step is to measure and mark out the area where the wall organiser will go. The size of our wall organiser is 900mm wide x 140mm high.

GOOD TO KNOW: Using a laser level to work out a design, cuts down the time spent marking drastically. Plus, you can use a laser level when applying wallpaper, tiling walls, hanging pictures and more.

2. Once you have the main size marked out with painter's tape, measure and mark the lines for the individual boxes. Our wall organiser has 6 blocks across, but you can modify the dimensions if you only want a 5-day week, or prefer a 7-day week. Mark out all the squares with painter's tape.

GOOD TO KNOW: Painter's tape has more tack than masking tape, yet still peels off easily when you're done.







3. Working one colour at a time, load up your paint tray with coloured paint. Don't apply too much paint for the first coat, it is far better to apply two light coats than to have to deal with drips and runs. Repeat this process for the next colour until you are finished.

4. Let the paint dry for about an hour and then carefully peel and lift off the painter's tape. Leave to dry overnight before applying the optional 2 coats of matte sealer.

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