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Have fun with Sharpie pens

I love using Sharpie pens for crafts; there are so many wonderful colours to choose from and so many ways to use a Sharpie pen.


You can buy Sharpie pens at craft, hobby and art stores around the country, or you can do an online search to find your nearest store - or buy online. Sharpie pens also come in different variants, so you can use them on glass, on ceramics, or just buy a pack of coloured Sharpie pens and have some fun.

If you're looking to add a fun element to your room decor, or perhaps you want to create a theme for a nursery for child's bedroom, buy a pack of Sharpie pens in assorted colours and be creative. It's so easy to transform a plain lampshade into an interesting decor accessory.

Did you know that you can use Sharpie paint pens to add designs to ceramic mugs? There are plenty of online instructions for creating mug designs that last, but the principle is very simple: draw your design onto the mug and leave to dry for a couple of days before placing in a warm oven - 60 to 80-degrees - for a couple of hours.

Mugs are always a great personal gift to give and let you show off your personality. Being able to use a Sharpie pen to create designs on inexpensive ceramic mugs is an easy way to create your own personal messages too - perfect for Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts, or gifts for family and friends.





If you have a celebration or special event coming up, you can use Sharpie pens to add colourful designs or wording to your plates and crockery. It's not one hundred percent permanent, but will take quite a while to wash off if you place in a warm oven to bake on the design.

Weddings, birthdays, engagements - make your own unique gifts with Sharpie design designs.

Find your designs online, use a stencil, or draft your own designs freehand to transfer onto plates, cups or ceramic items.

Sharpie fabric pens are ideal for designing your own cushions using cotton or linen fabric. Follow the instructions for bonding the ink to fabric using a warm iron. Find designs for your personal cushions online and transfer this onto the fabric.

If you are artistic, you can use Sharpie pens to draw on cushions to make a bit of extra money. Create custom cushions for clients for their pets, or draw theme designs for children's bedrooms.

Combine scraps colourful patterned fabrics with inexpensive burlap or hessian to make custom cushions for a room.

In South Africa we struggle to find decor accessories for themed children's bedrooms, so making your own is an easy way to finish off a bedroom with decor accessories in a particular theme.

And for the nursery... combine a Sharpie pen with applique to make a personalised new baby cushion for the nursery. What a wonderful way to remember this special moment in your life.

My personal favourite for using Sharpie pens is to turn plain takkies into works of art. For kids, transfer their favourite cartoon characters onto a cheap pair or takkies. They can even have a different pair for each day of the week.

Even adults can have fun with Sharpie pens and shoes. Use a single colour for a detailed design, or introduce colour with Sharpie pens in rainbow or neon colours.



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