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The art of pyrography

Pyrography - or wood burning - is an art itself, but Julie Bender takes it to another level with her gallery of works.


After growing up with a fascination for sketching animals, Julie Bender currently lives in Colorado and her work reflects her love of animals and the Western natural world around her. She regularly frequents the high country and prairies and rodeos for inspiration for her art, most of which resides in permanent display in museum collections and top galleries. 

Pyrography or wood burning is the art of applying heat to a piece of paper or board to produce sepia-like hues in subtle shades. Each piece is executed with accuracy and Bender sometimes infuses colour to enhance the images. Since 2002 Bender has evolved her art to encompass a body of work that represents who she is. 

Heat is her substance and she uses hot metal tips and torches as her paint brushes and to express her artistic vision. Bender's work is on paper, wood and canvas. When not creating her next piece, Julie teaches students the art of pyrography, including producing realistic imagery on wood and perfecting the art of smooth shading using various tools and techniques, located within the Rocky Mountain National Park.





Self-taught in pyrography, Bender continues to look at innovative methods to grow her work and how to integrate this medium into the world of fine art.



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