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Paint dipped home decor

I accidentally stumbled upon some images of paint dipped baskets and thought that this was a great way to add interest to baskets, flower pots and other home decor items. Although, if you are planning to do this, make sure you collect together more than one item to paint dip, as it can otherwise work out very expensive.







Step 1
Pour your paint, which can be almost any type of acrylic interior paint, into a large bucket or tin bath. A plastic bucket is best as it is easier to clean once you have finished. Pour in enough paint to be able to dip your items to a certain depth.

Step 2
Dip the item slowly into the paint and then lift up and let drip. This IS messy, so be sure to put down a dropcloth and cover up your worksurface. Let as much paint as possible drip back into the bucket.

Step 3
Use a paint brush to wipe away excess paint before lifting up and placing on two empty paint or coffee cans to let the paint dry.

You can give plain terra cotta flowerpots a stunning contemporary spin by dipping them in paint. While this one has been dipped in white, be creative with colour and go for bold contrast or pops of bright colour.

Hold the flower pot at an angle while dripping in paint for a new 'slant' on design! Place on a paint or coffee can and let it drip dry.

Old furniture is immediately transformed into trendy pieces with just a coat or two of white paint and a quick dip in some blue paint! But don't stop there ...