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Wetherley’s Wanna-Be

I know most people detest all the catalogue brochures that find their way into our mail boxes. Even though I complain about them as hard as the next person – I will always have a complete scan of all things nice and get some great ideas for my home.


You will need:

Multi sander or Dremel MultiMax and 120-grit sanding pads
Prominent Paints Satin - Broken White
Woodoc 20 interior sealer with Imbuia gel stain
Clean cloths
Mineral turpentine

At the time the picture was taken I was still in two mind whether to change the knobs to white or keep them a dark colour – white won in the end.

Here's how:

Step 1
Take off all the cupboard doors and remove drawers.

keep a little container (like an old yoghurt or butter container) for all your screws and hinges – this ensures that they do not find their way into ‘another’ project.

Step 2
Lightly sand all the areas to be painted with 120-grit sanding pads to get rid of the vanish.

I used my Bosch multi sander as well as my Dremel Multi-Max to get into the little grooves. For the top I needed to do complete sand down as I wanted to apply a stain to the top.

Remember that all surfaces needs to be dust free before you start painting. Wipe all over with a soft cloth that is lightly dampened with mineral turpentine.

Step 3
Wipe the gelstain over the top and then apply Woodoc 10 - leaving to dry completely. Lightly, by hand, sand between coats but not on your final coat. I still had some Rust-Oleum Distressed Ivory left over, which is what I used for my white (or Ivory) painted sections. I think a brilliant white colour might have shown off the contrast between the dark and light even better.

My good old Multi-max came in handy again to sand down the edges where I wanted to apply the stain. I focused on the decorative edges of the as well as the lines in between. I applied the dark stain that comes with the Distressed Ivory kit with a thin brush. You can also use it for the Woodoc gel stain at the corner edges – just know that it does not rub off easily if you make an error.

I followed the same process with the headboard


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