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Quick Project: Make Your Own Colourful Bottles

Make a colourful arrangement of recycled bottles - for display or buds or plant cuttings - using acrylic craft paint.



Wine bottles, old vases, glass decanters, food containers and even spice jars - these are all great for making your colourful arrangements.


I love collecting glass bottles, food jars or glass containers and looking for ideas to recycle them myself. This idea is not a new one, but it's a great way to set up a colourful display using recycled glass bottles and jars. You can use a single colour, two colours, or go all out with a selection of your favourite colours - it's entirely up to you.

Before you start applying paint to the glass bottles or containers, give them a good wash and remove any labels. To remove the labels soak them in warm water for a bit and then peel off. If the labels are hard to remove, use a bit of Goo Gone or WD-40 to make it easier to remove them. You only need a small amount of either which is rubbed all over and around the edges of the label.








Clean, dry glass bottles or food containers

Selection of acrylic craft paints in your choice of colours

Drop cloth or newspaper to cover your work surface








1. Make sure that your glass bottles or containers are completely dry before you start painting them.

2. Choose the first paint colour and pour liberally into the first bottle or jar.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't worry about paint wastage, you can pour any excess paint back into the paint pot once you're done.



3. Slowly turn the bottle in all directions to get full coverage over the inside. Make sure that there are no gaps in the paint.

4. Pour the excess paint back into the original paint pot.

5. Put the bottle or container aside to dry, periodically turning and rotating now and again to prevent the paint from pooling at the bottom of the container.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you want to use your glass container as a vase, look for a waterproof container that will fit inside and hold water for your plants.







Use a single paint colour to make a dramatic impact with recycled bottles or containers. Fill each container with a single silk flower for a colourful display.


Add your choice of sparkly embellishments to finish off your painted glass bottles or glass containers. Think ribbons and bows, shiny chains and old jewellery.


Use coordinated paint colours for a special event or occasion or even for a DIY wedding reception. These colourful bottles can be used to make a colourful centrepiece for tables.




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