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Add floral stencil design to plain wall

If you have  plain wall that needs a bit of interest added, making a stencil and adding a pretty design is an easy and  affordable way to dress up a bare spot with flair. Choose a paint colour that complements your existing colour scheme, or go for a colour that really pops.


At the bottom of this page you will find a floral stencil design that is already split into sections, so that you can easily print out the sections and then use masking tape to join together.

1. After printing out and before cutting out the design, apply a layer of clear self-adhesive vinyl or thick sellotape over the front to make the stencil easier to work with. Then you can use a sharp craft knife to cut out the design.

2. Spray a thin layer of Bostik Bostik spray adhesive onto the back of your stencil, so that it keeps the stencil in place as you work. Once finished and after the paint has dried you can remove any tacky adhesive left behind with a cloth lightly dampened with dishwashing liquid.

3. Use a stencil brush to lightly dab paint over the design. It helps to have a piece of newspaper handy to dab excess paint onto this before applying to the wall. Once you have mastered the basic principle of stencilling onto a wall you will be ready to tackle more intricate designs and patterns.

To make your flower stencil, print out the images as they are below, or click on the image for an enlarged version. The larger version can be printed onto an A4 sheet of paper.


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