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Start A New Craft - Paint Blank Ceramic Bisque

If you are thinking about starting a new craft or want to try something new and perhaps make a bit of extra cash, why not try painting blank ceramic bisque.



If you are looking for a new craft idea, one that lets you make your own decorative accessories, then why not think about painting ceramic bisque. It's a fun craft that is reasonably inexpensive and lets you display your painting techniques in a new and different way. You can paint a collection of plates to hang on your wall in the kitchen, paint unique gifts for family and friends, make celebratory or memory collections, and so much more. But before we look at what can be done with ceramic bisque, let us off a bit of explanation as to what ceramic bisque is.





I am sure many of you have seen the beautiful bunny rabbits that form part of an Easter table setting. Here's how you can paint your own Easter bunny for the table.








What is ceramic bisque?

It is simple... ceramic bisque is an item of pottery that has been fired in a kiln, but one that does not have any ceramic glaze. In other words, it's an item of pottery that is absolutely blank and without any coating whatsoever. You can purchase blank ceramic bisque items in white (porcelain) or earthenware (terracotta). Supplies generally offer a varied selection of items that can include anything from candleholders to blank plates.


Children can enjoy hours of fun painting decorative accessories for a themed bedroom.



How do you paint ceramic bisque?

The best paint to use for paint blank ceramic bisque is acrylic paint, although you can use other paints as well. What you need to keep in mind is that, whatever you paint onto the bisque is purely for decorative purposes only. Even after you apply a sealer over the top of the painted surface it is never waterproof or can be used for anything other than as a decor item. That's the main difference between a blank ceramic bisque and a glazed pottery item.


Always liked the idea of making memories? Use blank ceramic bisque to design your own Christmas ornaments.






How to paint bisque with designs

Bearing in mind that bisque is an unglazed item of pottery, it is very easy to apply paint to the surface but it has to be done so that it flows with whatever the design may be. The first base coat is absorbed quickly into the bisque and it is always advised that a two-coat base coat be applied. Alternatively, you can apply a clear coat of ModPodge over the surface before painting and this will help to seal the surface and reduce absorption.


While researching for this article, I found several suppliers who offer blank ceramic bisque for online purchase.


While anything you paint is only for decorative purposes, unless you arrange with the supplier to purpose the correct paints and have them fire it for you, you can create memories for every occasion.




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