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Which spray paint is the best brand?

With so many brands of spray paint on the shelf at your local hardware stores, it's hard to know which one is right for your project. Here are a few facts to note when next buying spray paint for your craft or DIY project.


It has been almost 10 years since Rust-Oleum launched its agency in South Africa, and in that time Rust-Oleum has become the most popular choice for spray painting projects. The reason for it's popularity is simple... it is by far the most superior spray painting product. I have been using (and promoting) Rust-Oleum spray paint - in all its many variants - for many years and have used the product for numerous projects - from spray painting projects for indoors and outdoors, all with great success and fantastic results.

Rust-Oleum may not be the cheapest product on the shelf, but when you consider that you only need a single can for ultimate coverage on a wide range of materials, it is by far the most cost effective. Rust-Oleum is definitely the product of choice if you are looking for a professional, long-lasting finish for projects.

Bravo spray paint

Filling the gap for crafters and DIY enthusiasts who want a good quality finish on their projects, is Bravo spray paint. This new spray paint offers more coverage at less cost, and comes in conveniently priced in the middle range - between Rust-Oleum and Spraymate. I've given the can a test and found it to be a good quality paint that is affordably priced. It doesn't offer the same professional finish as Rust-Oleum, but it does cover well and is priced accordingly.


Spraymate has been a stalwart of spray painting products in South Africa for over 16 years. Manufactured locally, the Spraymate range includes a wide selection of spray products. It's the perfect affordable spray paint for crafters or quick and easy projects that don't require a professional finish, and they have some great spray painting products specifically for crafters. 

The spraymate range includes colourful spray paint for quick and easy application, metallic finishes, spray paint for high heat applications, as well as crackle, wood finish and hammertone, to name a few. Find more information on the total range at


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