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There's A New Craft In Town - Sharpies And Alcohol

Get crafty with colourful Sharpie pens and some alcohol or use alcohol ink for your craft projects with these inspiring ideas.



With all the alcoholic sanitizers floating around everyone's house, there's bound to be a little bit spare that you can use if you want to try out this clever craft for yourself. Using colourful Sharpie pens and alcohol or alcohol inks has become a popular trend with many crafters and there are hundreds of ideas out there for using both to create more than a few colourful accessories for the home. We look at a few easy craft ideas using Sharpie pens and alcohol or alcohol inks.






It is so easy to make tile coasters, or even make tile coasters to sell, using a pack of coloured Sharpie pens and some rubbing alcohol. Pop into your nearest hardware store or tile supplier and purchase enough tiles to use for your project. You will also need an eye-dropper for applying the alcohol.



I found these colourful tile coaster designs on lifestyle for a real life and they are very easy to do, Marybeth also has plenty of other project ideas on her website if you are interested in finding out more.









1. First, make sure the tiles are perfectly clean and dry. If they're not, the Sharpie pen won't work on the tile. Wash with warm soapy dishwashing liquid and dry thoroughly.

2. Choose the Sharpie colours you want to add to your tile design. There's no rule here - use your imagination and have fun!



3. Apply the colours over the tile, mixing all the colours. The magic only happens once you add the alcohol, so if you plan on making a repeatable design on more than one tile, remember how you applied to colours so that all tile coasters will be consistent.







4. Use an eye-dropper (or small syringe) to drip the alcohol onto the surface of the tile. Use sparingly to start, you can always add more drops later for a more blurred effect. Put aside until the finish is one hundred per cent dry.



5. If you make a boo-boo or want to change something, just rub off while still wet and apply more Sharpie colour before dripping alcohol over the top.

6. To seal on the finish, apply 2 to 3 coats of Rust-Oleum Spray Varnish and this will protect the colour.









If you thoroughly enjoy using Sharpie pens and alcohol to create colourful designs and want to take it further, you can turn your hand to using alcohol inks. With alcohol inks, the colours are more vibrant and the effect longer-lasting, and you can use alcohol inks on so many different materials.


If you want to try using alcohol ink on fabrics to create your own colourful accessories or clothing, use an iron after letting the stain dry. This will embed the colours in the fabric permanently.


If you love art but didn't quite achieve what you were wanting with acrylic pour or cell techniques, there's always alcohol ink art.



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