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Get creative with paint

There are so many creative ways to have fun with paint and provide practical solutions for home decor. Below we have included a couple of projects that show how easy it is to use paint to highlight a feature on a wall.


Who needs a framed mirror when you can create your own mirror frame with a stencil and some paint

This fleur-de-lis inspired embellishment for a frameless mirror is perfect for a bedroom, or even a bathroom.

Print out the stencil below and enlarge to the required size. The easy way to transfer the stencil onto the wall is to rub the back of the paper with an HB pencil, tape it onto the wall and then draw you design. Use an artist's paintbrush to apply craft acrylic paint onto the wall and, once dry, add white highlights as shown. Hand-paint lines to almost join top and bottom motifs and complete frame, and don’t worry if your lines aren’t straight – the beauty of this design is in the imperfection.

Frame a bed with this simple stencil design

So you can't afford that gorgeous white button-tufted headboard. No problem. Create your own fabulous headboard with paint. All you need is a spirit level, tape measure and pencil to lightly outline the shape of your headboard onto wall. Make total width 10cm wider than the mattress or base and whatever height you desire. Use masking tape to tape off the shape. Paint inside the headboard in your choice of colour, mark the inner lines in pencil, then go over them with a paint pen. You will find Rust-Oleum Paint Pens at your local Builders Warehouse that are perfect for this type of project.


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