Transform furniture with lace and spray paint

Some years back I posted an article on using lace and spray paint to dress up the top of a cabinet. This technique has resurfaced all over the Internet and there are beautiful examples of lace spray painted furniture. It's an easy way to dress up a dated piece and put a new twist on old furniture.

I found a visual step-by-step for adding a lace design to furniture on design-innovate-create and have added instructions. It's quite easy to add a lace design to any piece of furniture and all you need is lace and spray paint. Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint comes in a stunning range of metallic finishes, or choose Rust-Oleum 2X if you prefer a solid colour.

You will need enough lace to cover all the pieces that you want to spray. You can only use the lace once. Simply place the lace over the area to be sprayed, shake the can well, and lightly spray on a coat of spray paint. For darker effect you can add a second coat once the first coat has dried.

Gently lift the lace once the paint is dry to reveal a wonderful lacy design on your furniture. You will obviously need a larger piece of lace if you plan to add a lace design to the top of furniture, or on solid doors.



Sue at uniquely chic mosaics also use the lace technique to transform two pieces of secondhand furniture. For this technique, Rust-Oleum aluminium spray in matt was applied. Sue recommend that you use a fresh piece of lace for each part that you spray.

Kara Pasley revamped a ugly dresser into a fabulous display cabinet using lace and spray paint. Use Rust-Oleum titanium silver and decorative lace to transform old furniture into modern pieces.

Rosemary at villabarnes use lace and silver spray paint to transform a small storage cabinet into a decorative piece.
New handles complete the look.

A secondhand chest of drawers gets a new life and a new look with lace and spray paint. After sanding down and painting in a dark cream colour, the drawers are given a lacey finish with white spray paint.