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Back to basics with the humble potato

As a young girl I remember cutting up potatoes to make my own stamps for projects. Potatoes were always readily available and easy enough to cut into shapes for stamping onto card and fabric. Today there are other options, but why fork out hard-earned cash when you can still use potatoes for creative stamping.

Kids love to play with stamps. This card-making craft will have them excited to create fun shapes out of ordinary spuds.


Small cookie cutters
Craft paint
Paring knife
Card stock or paper.

Use cookie cutters that are small enough to make an impression in a potato. Cut the potato in half. Push the cookie cutter into one half of the potato. Do not remove the cutter.

Use a paring knife to cut into the potato so that the tip of the knife hits the cookie cutter. Cut around the potato, removing the layer surrounding the cutter. This will create the raised shape of the stamp.

Dab the cut potatoes on a paper towel to dry. Spread the paint onto the potato using a foam paint brush or by dipping the potato directly in the paint.

TIP: Pre-print the cards with a message before stamping.

To add an element of sparkle, sprinkle glitter of a similar shade onto the wet paint. Wait a few minutes before shaking off the loose glitter.


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