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How to paint a roman blind or curtain

I am definitely into painting crafts at the moment and the next item on my list is to paint up some Roman blinds for my kitchen. You will find easy instructions for making your own Roman blinds on Home-Dzine, and I mention in the article that the most difficult part of making your own blinds is finding the right fabric. So, if you can't find fabric you like you could consider painting your own fabric!


Today's acrylic paints, as long as they are matt, are perfect for painting fabrics. If you follow the basic steps for application and iron the back of the fabric once the paint is dry, acrylic paints seep into and bond with the fabric allow them to be washed repeatedly without fading.

You can also use Rust-Oleum 2X satin paints to spray paint designs or patterns onto fabric. You'll find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders Warehouse.

There are various methods for creating your own unique fabrics; from using stamps and stencils to transfer designs onto fabric, using masking tape for solid designs and patterns, silkscreening, or freehand painting. Stencils are the easiest way of painting designs onto fabric and you will find that many international stencil designers ship to South Africa, although there are a few local companies (find on Google) that import or manufacture stencils but, there isn't a great selection to choose from.

Two important points to bear in mind when painting fabric:

  • Only use matt, satin or suede acrylic paint.
  • Iron the back of the fabric once the paint is dry.


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