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Spray or paint your serviettes!

I have done a lot of things with spray paint, but making serviettes is definitely a first, although I have use spray paint for quite a few fabric projects. With a Rust-Oleum conference coming up I decided to show the many ways - other than the obvious - to use spray paint. The serviettes are cut from canvas drop cloth and the edges are frayed, although you can fold them and sew if you prefer a neater finish.


I made three different serviettes to show the versatility of making and painting your own serviettes. You can make custom serviettes for almost any occasion. An idea I had while making these serviettes was that they would be perfect for a DIY wedding as place name mats - stencil each mat with the name of the person to be seated at each table. And, since it's Valentine's Day this month I just had to include a heart serviette!

Rust-Oleum 2X satin spray paint in your choice of colours
Masking tape, various widths
Canvas drop cloth, linen or cotton

Note: It must be satin spray paint, and you will find the full range of Rust-Oleum spray products at your local Builders Warehouse.


Use masking tape to mark out the width for your stripes and then mask off the surrounding area with newspaper. Shake the can well before use and spray on a light coat of paint (satin green apple), working from left to right (or right to left). You shouldn't need more than a single light coat, unless you want really bold stripes. Once the paint is dry, remove the masking tape to reveal your neat stripes. For the edging I simply pulled out threads to leave a tasseled edge, but you can fold and sew the edges if you prefer.

Specially for Valentine's Day I cut out heart shapes. Place the masking tape on a piece of glass or cutting mat and cut out the shapes. Transfer the strip of masking tape onto your fabric and mask off the surrounding area with masking tape and newspaper. For the hearts I am using satin sweet pea. I only cut out a single strip of masking tape and then moved this up once the paint was dry.

For the Happy Birthday serviette I printed out the type in reverse, placed this onto the fabric and rubbed over the back with a pencil. This transfers the ink onto the fabric ever so faintly so that you can use as a guide. Still using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint, but this time I sprayed some paint into the lid of the can. Using a thin artist's paintbrush I painted over the faint lettering. Finish off by using masking tape to add some stripes to the serviette.


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