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Easy craft storage centre

Here's a nifty way to make a craft storage centre for all your craft paints by Jessica at mad in crafts. You can also use this craft storage centre for glitter, nail polish and lipstick, or cotton thread. In fact, there are so many ways to use this craft storage centre. Hang one in a child's bedroom for storing crayons, pencils and kokies.


Wire shelving (2/rack)
PVC pipe (4 segments/rack)
PVC pipe caps to fit pipe (8/rack)
Wall plugs and screws
Drill/Driver and asstd bits
Hacksaw or Dremel MultiTool

You can substitute the plastic-coated shelving with chrome-steel or stainless steel shelving.



You will need to use a hacksaw or Dremel MultiTool and cutting desk to cut 4 pieces of PVC pipe to 6 centimetre length.  On each piece - 2 centimetres from each end - use a hack saw to cut notches wide enough to fit the rack into the notch. Only cut halfway into the pipe.  Do this for each of your sections of pipe; you will need four for each rack.

Check to make sure your wire shelves fit in the notches you created. The PVC pipe will keep the wire shelves in place, while the pipe caps keep the rack properly spaced away from the wall.

Mark the wall where you want the top of each rack to be mounted and drill a hole for the wall plug. Screw an end cap onto this. Insert the segment of PVC pipe into the cap you just screwed into the wall. Hang two wire racks from the notches, and add another cap to the front of the segment of pipe. Mark the spots on the wall where the other three corners meet the wall.


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