Use Paving Paint on Steps or Stoep

Using paving paint is a great way to spruce up concrete steps or a stoep and give it a new look.





Concrete steps or a bare concrete stoep are the perfect places to add some paving paint with a hand-painted brick design for a new look that will update a home. It is easy and it is affordable, and it is also a project that can be done over a weekend. We found a very helpful tutorial at ashleystevenshome that shows how easy it is.




Paving paint is ideal for painting onto concrete or to cover cement or paving bricks. I have been using paving paint for the past 20 or so years and have yet to have a bad experience. I have previously posted articles showing how I use paving paint to refresh my outdoor patio and pool area as well as the entrance to my house and driveway. When these areas start to look grubby, which they do over time, I simply apply a fresh coat of paint and it looks as good as new.



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Paint Concrete Steps or Stoep



Step 1

Clean, clean, clean. Before you paint the surface needs to be clean and free of any grease. If you have a high-pressure sprayer, use this on the area. If you don't have a high-pressure sprayer, use a degreasing agent, sweeping brush and a hose pipe. Let the area dry thoroughly before painting.





Step 2

Use a soft, dark pencil and a steel rule to measure out the bricks (110 x 220mm) around the edge of the concrete.



Step 3

Paving paint only comes in larger pots, but you can try different colour combinations by mixing small pots of acrylic craft paints until you find the right match. You can also use paving paint for the main brick image and then use craft paint to add texture and detail. 



Other than paving paint in your choice of colour, you will also need a few pots of assorted craft paint colours for adding texture.





Step 4

Once the edging is done, you can move onto the drawing the outline for the brick shapes in the centre area of the design.





Step 5

Use a contrasting colour paving paint to apply the first coat for the brick designs.









Step 6

Continue to add brick outlines for the centre design and paint these as you complete the brick shapes.





Good To Know

If you are not happy with the choice of colour, finish painting the brick outline and then go over this with craft acrylic in your choice of colour. The paving paint will hold the design onto the concrete.





Step 7

Complete the painting and then leave to dry overnight before walking on the painted design.





Good To Know

Keep small pots of the paint used and put these in a cool, dry place should you need them for any touch-ups you may need to do at a future stage.








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