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Paving paint on concrete and cement paving

Continuing with my winter maintenance projects, it has been almost two years since I paved the outdoor patio area in my garden. Using Prominent Paints paving paint, the area now looks ready for summer entertaining.


Two weeks ago I featured the project where I painted the paving at the front entrance. This week it's time to get stuck into painting the cement bricks and concrete pool surround. I am also using Prominent Paints paving paint for this project, because it is easy to apply and long, long lasting.

Applying Prominent Paints paving paint is quick and easy, and the paint dries quickly. It is best to apply when the weather is cool to prevent it from drying to fast as you work.

I prefer to use an extension rod and paint roller for an easy option to apply the paint.

Don't apply the paint too thickly - you can apply a second coat if necessary, after letting the first coat dry thoroughly. use a paintbrush If you need to get into cracks and crevices.

Use Prominent Paints paving paint to cover up stained paving or concrete slabs. Having used this paint for various projects over the last 20 years, I have no difficulty in recommended it for outdoor paving that needs to be refreshed for summer.



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