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Decorate a blanket box

Home-Dzine - AKA Design have taken a plain, wooden blanket box and transformed it into a wonderful treasure for a bedroom.


Although most of the products originally used for this project are not available here in South Africa, there are alternatives.


Prominent Paints Ultra Matt
Painting equipment
Tracing paper
HB and 3B pencil
Black acrylic craft paint
Woodoc antique wax
Masking tape


Enlarge the design below and either trace directly from your screen, or print out and enlarge and then trace over. Rub a soft pencil over the back of your traced wording. This allows you to easily transfer onto the front of the blanket box.

Tape the wording onto the front of the box, making sure that it is aligned perfectly straight and in the centre. Use the HB pencil to draw over the letters and transfer the design onto the box. Now you see what the pencil on the back was for!

Use a thin artist's paintbrush and black acrylic craft paint to paint over the pencilled design. Take your time and follow the outline for a nice finished result.

To finish off, distress the edges if you wish and then apply a coat of Woodoc antique wax to protect the finish.


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