Paint a rug with your own custom design

Painted rugs have become a trend as people realise how easy it is to do. If you use a quality paint and brush it into the pile of the carpet, a painted rug will last reasonably well depending on the amount of traffic, and you can clean by wiping with a lightly damp cloth.

While a painted rug might be stiff for a week or two, it will soon soften up and you won't know that it's been painted !

Lydia Pudel bought an off-the-shelf sisal rug and painted her own unique design onto the rug using ordinary acrylic paint. Using the design above, Lydia made a paper stencil that she used to trace the design onto the rug.



To save time on this project I would suggest cutting the stencil out of acetate or plastic sheeting. It will be easier to move and not as flimsy to trace around.

Using an artist's paintbrush and acrylic paint, such as Plascon Polvin tinted in your choice of colour, you can easily create a custom design rug for your home. If you are going to apply lighter colours, it might be better to go with Plascon Double Velvet, or Wall & All for a finish that is easier to keep clean.

Work from left to right, or top to bottom, so that you can complete the project without having to wait for paint to dry. After applying the blue-grey paint colour, Lydia then applied an off-white to intensify the design.