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Easy to Create Dandelion Art

If you are looking for ways to add art to your walls, try using recycled toilet roll tubes to make this dandelion artwork.


Bet you didn't know that you can use cardboard toilet roll tubes to create art! With recycling foremost on everyone's mind these days, with the exception of the Coronavirus of course, here's a super-easy way to create your own artwork using toilet roll tubes, some cotton earbuds and cotton wool. You will also need to paper to paint on and a selection of acrylic craft paints.







I have previously made my own artwork with dandelions as the subject, and just love the way they look on the wall. With this art project you don't even need to be an artist to achieve excellent results, in fact, why not let the kids make their own dandelion art if they are bored during the lockdown.


Paper for the artwork

Cardboard toilet roll tubes

Plastic bottle tops

Earbuds or Q-tips

Acrylic craft paint


Artist's paintbrushes









1. Use sharp scissors to cut a fringe around the toilet roll tube, cut down to about half the total length.







2. Cover a piece of scrap board with tin foil and pour a small amount of craft paint onto this.

3. Dip the fringed end of the toilet roll into the paint and then press lightly onto your paper.

4. Lightly lift the toilet roll and dab again a few times - without dipping the roll into the paint. You want the outline to be feint.



5. Repeat the above step to add as many dandelion outlines as required. There is no limit to the number of dandelions you can add.

6. Now you are going to switch over to using the plastic bottle cap.

7. Dip the bottle top into the paint and then dab in the centre of the dandelion outlines.

8. Switch to a fine paintbrush to add the flower stems, as shown below.




9. Now you are going to use the earbuds. Take 6 to 8 earbuds and hold these tightly to create a bunch.

10. Dip the earbuds in the paint and then dab around the outside of the flower shapes.

11. Use the earbuds to add a wind-blown effect to the flower shapes.

12. You can switch over to using a single earbud to add more effect.

13. Finish off the wind-blown effect by lightly dabbing cotton wool into the paint to soften the edges and create a wispy effect. Don't add too much paint and dab off any excess on a piece of newspaper.

14. To finish off, use the paintbrush to add lines from the centre outwards.



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