Below the surface - concrete screed

Fitting a flooring system properly at the outset can lead to a better more comfortable space for your family in the long term.



Restore Plaster in an Older Home

When restoring an older home some people prefer to restore to original condition. Here's how to do plaster repairs in an older home.



Easier Tiling Projects

Re-tiling is a great way to update the look and feel of a home, and possibly even add to its value. But just like moving home, a renovation can be a combination of stress and excitement, and – often puts immense strain on households.


New season arrivals now available at WOMAG

WOMAG is pleased to announce its latest arrivals. The new season’s collection of marble, slate and porcelain tiles is now available at its showrooms countrywide.



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Concrete Floor - Will it Crack?

The most asked question when it comes to concrete floors is..."Will it crack?" The honest answer is "Yes" but with the exception of hairline cracking, cracks can be reduced.



Quick Tip: Affordable wood flooring

If you love the look and feel of a wood floor, and prefer the real thing over laminate, you can install pine flooring.



Taking the hassle out of renovating

The newest product from Saint-Gobain Weber is Renovate, a tile adhesive with a distinct set of benefits, one of which allows renovators to tile directly onto existing substrates without priming - a first for South Africa.


How to tile over tile

Being able to lay new tiles over existing tiles not only saves you money, but also a lot of mess and hassle. Not all tiles can be tiled over and we look at how to successfully tile over tile.



Remove glue residue from floors

When removing or repairing parquet floors, vinyl tiles or flooring, or old carpets, you may be left with a sticky situation. We offer some tips on removing bitumen and contact adhesives from floors.


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Paint Wood Floors in White or Grey

Woodoc Water-Borne and Solvent-Based Sealers allow a homeowner to update wood floors in colourful finishes that are durable and tough. We take a look at wood floors sealed in white or grey.


Fix ceiling board to battens

Over time ceiling boards can sag as nails become loose. Eureka have introduced a drywall screw that's perfect for securing ceiling boards to battens.



A Fresh Coat of Paint

Winter (in dry-rainfall areas) is the perfect time to apply a fresh coat of curb appeal to your home. Pop into your local Prominent Paint store and stock up on the products you need to refresh a home - inside and out.


Quick Fix: Gaps around floors

Gaps around the edge of floors are a common problem in older homes, or where floors have been sanded or carpets removed. Here's a quick fix to solve the problem.



Strip and seal natural stone floors

Tile and Floor Care (TFC) have an extensive range of products for natural stone and tiled floors. In this feature we strip and seal a slate tile floor.



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Tips on plastering an exterior wall

In this feature we offer advice, tips and tricks for plastering an exterior wall where the plaster finish was falling off.



Plywood floors becoming a popular trend

Since my original post some years back, plywood floors are definitely trending with those homeowners looking for affordable flooring that offers something unique.



Beautiful cement-based floors

One of the hardest decisions to make when renovating or building a home is to decide on the most suitable type of flooring. An important part of making this decision is knowing about the pros and cons of different flooring options.


Cons of cheap laminate flooring

We have had plenty of readers ask for advice on restoring and repairing laminate flooring. As with everything, cheap may end up costing you more!



Renovating a hardwood floor

Renovating hardwood floors might not seem easy, but it's not as difficult and as you might imagine. With proper planning, the right supplies and tools, and a weekend, and the results are rewarding and long lasting.


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Easy way to cut curves in tiles

With all the new tools we have today, some methods have become outdated and time consuming. Cutting curves in tiles is one of those methods, and you can now cut smooth decorative curves and cut outs in ceramic and porcelain tiles with ease.


Replace sagging or damaged ceilings

Over time, ceilings can sag or be damaged by leaks in the roof and need to be replaced. This is a task that can be done as a DIY project, or you can call in a reputable ceiling installer.



Affordable makeover with vinyl tiles

You may not think that vinyl tiles are glam, but when properly laid they can give any bathroom a makeover on a tight budget. Plus, vinyl tiles are tough and durable, and perfect for a small bathroom.


Concrete floors with personality

Many people consider concrete to be cold and lacking in personality, but both cement finishes and concrete have valuable properties that can be used to regular temperature.



Luxury vinyl tile for today's floors

Luxury vinyl tiles are definitely an option to consider when looking for flooring alternatives. Vinyl planks simulate the look of real wood without the noise, durability or cleaning concerns. Now, you can install vinyl floors over ceramic tiles.


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What you should know about cement finishes

When deciding upon wall or floor finishes for your next renovation or building project, you need to be informed about the choices available. To help you better understand cement-based finishes we've summarised five distinctive features of cement finishes.


Antibacterial grout

Starlike is the first epoxy grout to offer antibacterial properties for bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, all the colours of Starlike range are UV-resistant, making them suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.


Stain bare concrete floors with CreteStain

Here's how to give a bare concrete floor a facelift without breaking the bank. Using easy steps you can use CreteStain to give concrete floors a makeover.



Now you can tile over smooth surfaces

Homeowners tackling their own tiling projects can overcome the potential lifting of tiles linked to surfaces that are dense, impervious or smooth, by using the new TAL Keymix powder primer.



Laminate floors offer easy DIY installation

There's no denying that laminate floors offer good looks for a home. If these are properly maintained and look after a laminate floor can look good for several years.



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Beautiful walls and floors with Italian plaster

With Stucco, or Italian plaster, you can turn floors, walls, countertops and many other surfaces into work of art.



Lustrolite... Alternative to glass splashbacks

Lustrolite is a high-gloss product that can be used for splashbacks and wall decor for bathrooms and kitchens and offers a more affordable alternative to glass.



Care and maintenance tips for hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is an expensive investment and proper care and maintenance is required, not only to keep them looking good, but also ensure they last a lifetime. Whether your hardwood floors are oak, Oregon pine or teak, all require finishing in some way or another.


Can I screed my floors?

We receive lots of enquiries for homeowners wanting to screed floors. A screed floor is a  product that provides a thin, smooth overlay when applied over rough concrete slabs or uneven floors.


Trending... Tiles that look like concrete

Many homeowners would like to incorporate concrete finishes in a home - without the mess, hassle and cost normally associated with these finishes. A new trend is to use concrete-look tiles.


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Remove oil stains from concrete

Grease and oil stains in concrete can be difficult to remove and we asked the Concrete Institute to offer a solution on how to remove oil stains from concrete.



Time to paint your home exterior

If the weather is good and you haven't yet got round to painting your home exterior, do it now before the rainy season sets in. You will need to set aside a week to include prep and painting.



An easy guide to choosing tiles

The evolution of design has increased the versatility of tiles. Though mainly used for kitchen and bathrooms, tiles are perfect for every room in a home.



How to install laminate flooring

Laminate wood flooring is still a popular options for many homeowners as an alternative to other flooring types. We show you step-by-step how to install laminate wood flooring.



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How to get rid of bumpy walls

In an older home chances are you have ugly bumpy walls. But there is a way to smooth those bumpy walls.



How difficult is DIY plastering?

Since winter (or dry season) is the best time to tackle plastering projects there are obviously quite a few homeowners getting stuck in. If you want advice on how to plaster or find out whether plastering is easy or difficult, read on...


Fit and install over-skirtings

No more ripping out skirtings boards! Now you can fit and install over-skirtings to add a decorative finish to a home. Over-skirtings are manufactured to fit over the top of most standard skirtings and are easily cut, glued and installed.


Choosing the right tile adhesive and additive

 When taking on a tiling project you want to ensure a successful result, so it's important to know what products are available and how to use these in your next  tiling project.



New floor tiles for bedroom

The carpet in my bedroom was installed 15 years ago, I'm ashamed to say. It's almost threadbare and really looks grubby. No amount of cleaning improves how it looks, so it's definitely time to rip up. Rather than put down new carpet I have decided to put floor tiles down... but not just any floor tiles - wood grain imprinted floor tiles!


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Wall and floor tiles with wood-like finish

I will soon be featuring a project where I removed the carpets in my bedroom and dressing room and replaced them with tiles imprinted with a wood grain finish. The original carpet was old and grubby and the new tiles make a huge difference to the bedroom.


DIY option for tiling a kitchen wall

 After the kitchen revamp I didn't know what to do with the tiles around the windows, since the burglar bars were welding in and couldn't be removed. As a temporary fix I glued vinyl tiles over the ceramic tiles. But the time has come to properly tile the kitchen walls.


Bamboo... More than just floors

The buzzword all around the world these days is ‘sustainability’. Going green is even becoming an increasingly prominent trend in home décor, as we look for ways to beautify our living space, while helping the environment.


Add decorative cornice to bathroom

In the bathroom they never bothered to fit a cornice around the top of the wall and it always looked unfinished. Thanks to the guys at DAS Products for supplying an easy solution for adding a decorative cornice to the bathroom.


Tile indoors and outdoors for a seamless flow

Tiling outdoors allows you to extend your indoor living spaces and, whether it's a patio, stoep, boma, edladleni or braai area.



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Plastering walls

Plastering needs practice and a good technique for perfect results. It is possible to tackle smaller areas with good results but leave ceilings to the professionals.



Clad a face brick wall

Judging by the number of queries I receive, there are plenty of homeowners out there who are living with face brick walls, especially with a fitted fireplace, that hate the look. While we have previously look at painting a face brick wall, another option to consider is cladding the wall.


Repair & paint home exterior for lasting results

 I took on the huge task of painting three home exteriors in my development. The three homes in question, including my own, were full of exterior cracks, chips, and one home in particular had extensive peeling and bubbling paint and required damp proofing.


Give your home a mini facelift

Updating the decor in your home doesn't have to be a long, laborious or expensive process. Instead, get a little instant gratification by using Plascon paints to easily refresh areas and items throughout the house.


How to lay self-levelling floor compound

A self-levelling cement screed is a quick setting concrete compound that is designed to level imperfect floors. You would use a self-levelling floor screed to finish off a concrete floor or screed floor as a base for tiling, vinyl or laminate floors.


Luxury bathroom tile options

If you are planning a new bathroom renovation or building a new home, creating a relaxing sanctuary is one of the leading home improvement trends and ceramic tile creates dramatic first impressions.


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Epoxy flooring

Rust-Oleum EPOXYShield garage floor coating provides an easy to clean showroom quality flooring option for a garage floor.



Home transformation with Plascon Micatex

This entry into our Bosch Home Improvement Competition shows how Charlene and her husband used Plascon Micatex to transform their newly-bought house from a very old peeling paint-job to a beautiful dune colour.


Should I paint exterior face brick?

Face brick homes have been a popular choice for many homeowners through the years. With time, however, even brick will lose some of its appeal. Homeowners start to look for options on what can be done to refresh the look of their brick homes.


Add wall cladding

Wall cladding is becoming a popular trend in homes as manufacturers introduce DIY alternatives to solid rock. Available locally, wall cladding in supplied in ready-made panels that resemble to look and feel of natural stone and rock.


Beautiful walls... naturally!

These days it's easy to have good looking walls without the hassle or fuss of installing tiles. Cementitious (cement-based) products are now easily available off-the-shelf for any savvy DIY home improvement enthusiast to tackle themselves.


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Frameless glass windows and doors

Sit back and enjoy the view when you install frameless windows, frameless folding or sliding doors, as these offer an unobstructed and panoramic view of the surroundings.



Brick veneer wall cladding for indoors & outdoors

Not only does cladding with brick veneer add texture and architectural detail to walls, it's also a great way to cover up walls that are prone to hairline cracks, have a rough plastered finish, or blank walls that lack interest.


Install Gyproc plastered ceilings

A flush plastered ceiling consists of steel branders onto which Gyproc RhinoBoard is fixed. All joints are covered with Gyproc RhinoTape and the ceiling then plastered with a 3 - 6mm coat of RhinoLite or CreteStone.


Install Gyproc M-Strip ceilings

Finally, an informative step-by-step guide on how to install an M-Strip brandered ceiling. I have yet to get round to replacing my one ceiling and this detailed guide from Gyproc is comprehensive enough that even a beginner DIY-er can install his or her own ceilings.


Using RhinoLite and CreteStone finishes

I receive a lot of enquiries from homeowners who have used, or had work done in their homes using RhinoLite and CreteStone. Most of the problems arise from lack of product knowledge, either on the part of the homeowner, or on the part of the contractor.


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How to remove and install new skirtings

In this article we show you how to replace standard skirting boards with skirting boards that provide an attractive finish and architectural detail to a room.



Don't tile when you can CemWash

Don't think that you have to tile bathroom walls and floors when there are so many other options to choose from.



Interior & Exterior plaster finishes

If there are damaged walls in your home, areas where you have removed tiles, or walls that are uneven or highly textured, plastering is one of the ways to fix these types of defects. Using a plaster mix, plastering is the technique for covering up raw and rough surfaces.



Rock wall cladding

I love the look of natural stone clad walls - both interior or exterior walls. It's a way to introduce texture and detail to an otherwise bland room. It's also a way to merge interior and exterior areas.


Tile over an existing tiled wall

Where tiles are still in good condition, and you don't want to paint over tiles, there is the option to tile over existing tiles.



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Glass blocks let in natural light

I have always considered glass blocks to be perfect for bathrooms - they let in plenty of natural light without any loss of privacy, and now that they are available in soft and bright colours, you can use glass blocks in even more creative ways.


Installing wooden windows and frames

Windows are an important element in how a home looks. From a design point of view window styles are suited to particular styles of homes.



Repair, restore or renovate concrete

Conventional wisdom holds that old concrete, with cracks, surface discolouration, or surface imperfections, must be removed and replaced if improving the look of the concrete is the goal.



Clever way to add decorative skirtings

This is one clever trick that I am sure many of you will appreciate, especially if you are looking to add a nice, high detailed trim to the base of your walls.



Easy way to add crown moulding

Forget about a hammer and nails, you can easily install the new style polystyrene crown moulding and cornice with a tube or two of No More Nails and a caulking gun.



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Install wall panelling

Panelling, wainscoting, board and batten - it's been a part of home decor for a long time. There are various design styles that can be applied to walls in a home. Here are some tips on how to install or add panelling to your home...


Wall panelling adds architectural detail

Add interest to a plain dining room with this faux moulding project. All you need for this project is a few strips of pine and skirting, and some satin paint to finish off.



Install crown moulding

Installing crown moulding, like playing the piano, takes practice. Unlike playing the piano, however, most people can get the hang of it with only a little practice.



Remove and replace skirtings

In an older home you may find that skirting boards need to be replaced either due to rotting, damage over time, or simply to update a home. In this do-it-yourself project we show you how to remove and replace skirting boards.


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Tile indoors and outdoors for a seamless flow

The contemporary outdoor relaxation area is a functional extension of the home and is as important as any other living area when it comes to planning the right decor to suit the space.



How to tile a kitchen floor

Tiling a floor, any floor, is not that difficult if you have the right tools at hand and a bit of DIY savvy when it comes to laying tile. In this article we show you how to remove vinyl tile from a kitchen floor - two layers of vinyl tile in fact - and lay a ceramic tile floor.


Create an instant feature with tiles

If you are looking for a way to give your home a facelift without spending a fortune, consider using decorative ceramic tiles and mosaic.



How to lay self-levelling floor compound

Before we look at how to lay self-levelling cement... What is a self-levelling floor finish ? A self-levelling cement screed is a quick setting concrete compound that is designed to level imperfect floors.


Online floor planner makes it easier

Choosing the right flooring for a room or home can be a difficult process. We've discussed flooring options, but in this article we look at choosing the colour - light or dark - for flooring.



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In search of the best flooring option

With so many options to choose from, installing flooring is a difficult decision to make, but one best left to the homeowner. The flooring you select for a home not only reflects your personal taste, it will also tie in with your style of decor and your way of life.


Bamboo floors - a good choice

It has been well over a year since I installed bamboo floors in the bathroom, and I am happy to report that it still looks as good as when installed. The bamboo laminate floor is installed in our second bathroom, which serves as the main bathroom for two grown boys and as a guest loo, so it takes a fair amount of routine and traffic.


Restore parquet floors

You either love or hate parquet floors but when cared for and maintained, parquet floors are a valuable investment in a home. If you have parquet floor buried under layers of carpet, perhaps consider the option of restoring the floor to its original condition.


Install vinyl floor tiles

I receive a lot of enquiries from homeowners wanting to update or install new flooring on a tight budget. For some areas, and for a nursery or children's bedroom, I have found that vinyl tiles offer the most practical and affordable flooring option for anyone on a small budget.


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How to paint concrete

Don't live with a dingy, grey concrete slab when there are so many ways to update and give concrete a makeover.



Choose a natural clay brick floor

Since writing my first article, brick floors definitely seem to be a consideration for home floors, whether in a kitchen, bathrooms, or any room in a home. Clay brick is by far the most affordable flooring option and is available in a wide selection of colours, from light to dark.


Upgrade your outdoors with pavers

With so many options to choose from for enhancing an outdoor living space, cement pavers allow you to create a beautiful space on a budget, and outdoor spaces are just as important as indoors when more homeowners are looking to improve rather than move.


Luxury floors without the hassle

Deciding what flooring to install can be a difficult decision, especially with so many options to choose from.



How to tile over existing tiles

As long as the existing floor tiles are in good condition, and the surface is level, you can install new tile over an existing tiled floor. However, it is not recommended that you tile over high-gloss ceramic or other tiles, as there is insufficient bonding between the old and new surfaces.


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Plywood floors

So many homeowners are looking for affordable - and eco friendly - ways to update and improve a home.



Brick floors

Brick has a natural beauty that blends perfectly with almost any style of home. Once sealed and protected, a brick floor is just as versatile as any other type of flooring - if not more so.



Choose the right flooring

While budget plays an important role in determining what flooring you can afford, whether you are renovating or choosing flooring to update your home, you will find the tips below useful for choosing the right flooring for a home.


Luxury vinyl flooring

One of the best kept secrets in hard-surface flooring is now out of the bag - it's almost identical to high-end hardwood floors that look great in any home - but provides quiet, warm-performance benefits, is easy to maintain and won't break your budget.


Invest in bamboo flooring

Bamboo is an excellent, ecological flooring option, but not all bamboo is created equal. Since it caught on in the early 90s, this building material has been heralded as a green, sustainable, plentiful resource.


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Stain or paint concrete floor

Many homeowners are choosing to have a concrete floor rather than tile or carpet their interiors. This versatile and low maintenance flooring option can be polished, stained or painted.


Flooring trends

Check out some of the newest technologies and reclaimed materials that are becoming the hottest products in flooring.



Epoxy floors

Epoxy paint is a two-part paint product that was originally designed for industrial flooring application. Now available for residential use, epoxy paints provide a tough, durable protective coating that makes them easy to maintain.


Natural stone floors

Floors usually undergo heavy traffic in your home. They are expected to cope with the traffic flow on a daily basis. Added to that, floors are susceptible to spillages, heavy weight objects that rest on it and they have to look good whilst doing all that.


Bring concrete to life

Despite its many wonderful attributes, concrete slabs can be boring. Whether we are talking about a concrete verandah, a pathway or a driveway, there is something very uninspiring about the flat, dull look of grey concrete.


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Fixing and repairing cracks in concrete

Cracks in concrete happen all the time as a result of shrinkage or movement. As concrete cures and dries out it has a tendency to shrink, and that's why it is important to lightly spray concrete with water during the curing or drying process.


Remove interior walls

Knocking down internal walls can transform your home by turning two or more cramped rooms into one integrated and spacious area. But knocking down a wall – any wall – is not a job to rush into.


Brick veneer wall cladding for indoors & outdoors

Not only does cladding with brick veneer add texture and architectural detail to walls, it's also a great way to cover up walls that are prone to hairline cracks, have a rough plastered finish, or blank walls that lack interest.


How to fix a chipped floor tile

I am sure that there are many homeowners out there who have at least one tile in their home that has been chipped. How do you repair a chipped tile? Here's how...


New laminate floor replaces grubby carpets

When it comes to replacing grubby and worn carpets there are quite a few flooring options to choose from. Home-Dzine reader, Barbara, opted for laminate floors in this bedroom.



Fireplace and wall cladding

Home-Dzine reader, Hilton Kinnear, installed a new fireplace in his home. Once installed, the next step was to add wall cladding to finish off the total look. The finished result is amazing!



Kitchen walls and countertops tiled

Suzette English transformed her dated kitchen by fitting new tiles onto the kitchen walls and tiling her kitchen countertops. To tie in with the new look, Suzette painted her kitchen cabinets in a crisp white colour, for a kitchen makeover that was affordable and worthwhile.


Home-Dzine reader adds wall panelling

Home-Dzine reader, Donavan Packaree, transformed his living room with wall panelling, moulding and trim for a dramatic and affordable makeover.



Faux rock cladding

Home-Dzine has previously featured rock cladding for walls, both faux and genuine rock veneer. For a small outlay you can instantly change the look and feel of any room in a home - in a weekend.


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