Bring the Outdoors In with Wood Look Tiles

We all know how beautiful wood floors can look, but now you can combine the look of wood and the durability of tile with wood-look tiled floors.

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Looking for a flooring option that is tough, durable, easy to clean and requires no zero maintenance?


As someone who has worked with wood for many years as part of DIY Divas, I love how wood manages to warm up a room and add character - even if it is only a single piece of furniture. In a stark white bathroom, the introduction of a wood bath vanity or a wooden stool makes such a difference to how the room feels. As one of the most popular trends of the past couple of years, I think it is fantastic how you can now bring the look of wood into a home without having to worry about maintenance.

Wood-look tiles are a innovation that lets us add a wood-look flooring to rooms in our home, or to outdoor areas, since the design of tiles is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Now, instead of having to consider installing a deck to bring a natural look to an outdoor entertainment area, you can think more of an affordable concrete slab dressed in wood-look tiles.

There are plenty of options for using wood-look tiles to bring the outdoors in and there is nothing quite like the beauty of wood to bring a sense of peace and calm to a home. - 228487381082732428/


Give your outdoor area or patio a thoroughly modern makeover that has character and warmth with the installation of wood look floor tiles. - 144537469292419589/







Solid wood flooring is not an option for many South African homes due to the cost of such, which is why laminate wood flooring became a popular alternative. The only problem with laminate flooring is that it doesn't last. A family home with children and a pet or two will very quickly take the shine and appeal away from laminate flooring. But now you can have the look of solid wood, combined with the ease of installation of laminate flooring, plus the durability of ceramic tiles to give your home a wooden floor - without any wood!


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Light or Dark Flooring?

When choosing laminate wood flooring, you can spend so many hours trying to decide whether you want dark or light and wondering which will fade or scratch easier. With wood look floor tiles you don't have to worry about that. You still get to decide whether or not you want light or dark wood look tiles, but never have to worry about fading or scratching ever again - 494059021626556847/


And then there is the worry about bathrooms. You want wood floors in the bathroom but you know you can't afford solid hardwood and understand that laminate floors are not recommended for bathrooms, but you oh so would love a wood floor in the bathroom. That's what's great about wood look floor tiles - they are tiles, so you don't have to worry.







There are plenty of different laying pattern options that you can bring into your home with wood look floor tiles. - 12807180180758302/

Wood Look Tiles for Bathrooms

Installing wood look tiles in a bathroom means you don't have to worry about water damaging solid wood or laminate floors. And with the option of being able to lay the tiles in different patterns means you can add even more visual impact to a bathroom. - 495396027761189394/



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