Affordable and practical flooring ideas

While budget plays an important role in determining what flooring you can afford, whether you are renovating or choosing flooring to update your home, you will find the tips below useful for choosing the right flooring for a home.



Lifestyle choice

Your lifestyle plays an important part of deciding on the type of flooring for a particular room or space. A family with children or pets will obviously require flooring that can take a fair amount of beating; dirt, traffic and general wear need to be taken into consideration.

Every room in the home has to deal with different levels of traffic. For example: Plush carpet in a bathroom or passage will obviously not be ideal, but for those who love the luxury of softness underfoot, carpeting or rugs over a more durable flooring would be ideal. 

Heavy traffic areas should consider resilient flooring, such as ceramic tile, vinyl, wood or bamboo flooring. 


Practical choice

Flooring should enhance a home but be chosen for its practicality and durability. A home with children and pets demands a flooring that is tough and you should consider using durable flooring, such as natural stone, tile, marmoleum or vinyl.  Entry mats outside and inside a home can be placed to remove the majority of dirt to keep your floors cleaner.

Flooring in bedrooms, and kid’s rooms should be comfortable for bare feet, while flooring in a bathroom should be able to resist water. Experienced artisans at Direct Flooring Online have clarified that laminate flooring is not recommended in areas of high moisture, as warping and damage can occur, tile, vinyl, Marmoleum and bamboo are ideal.



Sustainable choice

Flooring doesn't come cheap and the old adage "You get what you pay for" is generally a good rule to consider when choosing the right flooring for your home. Also, consider the installation of more sustainable and eco-friendly flooring options when replacing existing or installing new flooring.



- Laminate wood flooring is manufactured by layering synthetic materials in a lamination process with a graphic image applied under a clear protective layer. Offering an affordable flooring option, this product is not intended for use in areas with high traffic or moisture.


- Laminate cork flooring is manufactured by layering synthetic materials in a lamination process with a natural cork overlay covered by a clear protective layer. Not as affordable as laminate wood flooring, cork is considered a more eco-friendly option in laminate flooring. However, this product is not intended for use in areas with high traffic or moisture unless additional protection is applied.



- Laminate bamboo flooring is also considered a laminate flooring due to the processed involved, but it comprises only natural bamboo in the layering. While more expensive than laminate wood flooring, bamboo is far more durable and can be used in certain applications within a bathroom.


- Luxury vinyl flooring is available in sheet or tiles, this type of flooring is perfect for dining areas, lounges and even slick, sophisticated bedrooms. This synthetic flooring option is totally waterproof and easy to clean, giving you all of the luxury without the labour. Available in sheets of replica finishes ranging from wood species or cork, to slate and granite tile look-alikes, luxury vinyl can be cut to size for wall-to-wall convenience and comfort.  The underfoot cushioning creates a softer surface that provides a barrier against the cold from the screed below, with all the waterproof qualities you need for your floor.


- Carpeting remains the most luxurious flooring choice for a home, especially in living rooms and bedrooms.

Needle punch and cut pile are durable and affordable choices for any room in a home, while cut pile and twist is plus and soft underfoot and more suited to areas of low traffic.

The plusher or more durable the carpet – naturally the more expensive it will be.


- Ceramic or porcelain tile and natural stone is generally the most expensive flooring option, offering low maintenance and durability, but can be hard and cold underfoot.



- Concrete is the 'green' choice for today's floors. It is extremely hardwearing, practical and affordable but does require professional installation for polishing and finishing.