Fix ceiling board to battens

Over time ceiling boards can sag as nails become loose. Eureka have introduced a drywall screw that's perfect for securing ceiling boards to battens.






Eureka drywall screws are designed specifically for gypsum ceilings. The large, flat head means that ceiling boards are tightly secured onto battens without the possibility of driving straight through the soft ceiling board, while the coarse thread gives the screws plenty of grip.



You will find Eureka T1B175 Drywall Screws at Builders or hardware stores around the country, or visit to find your nearest retail outlet.



To secure ceiling boards to battens, remove any loose nails or screws before driving Eureka ceiling screws through the boards and into the timber battens above. Ensure that the head of the screw is sunk slightly into the board, to make it easy to cover up.



Use interior crack filler to cover up unsightly screw heads. Apply crack filler directly over the screw heads and smooth with a palette knife or paint scraper.





Allow the filler to dry and then sand smooth with 120-grit sandpaper before painting over.