What Are the Options for Edging Tiles?

Most tiling projects have a point where they end and if you want these edges finished off nicely, you need to consider the available options for edging tiles.







Consider tile edging as an essential component of any tiling projects, whether for walls or floors.



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When doing a home improvement job where tiles are involved, no matter whether they are wall or floor tiles, many people tend to forget about including the supplies for edging or finishing off the tiles. It is important that you keep this in mind for any tiling project as leaving it until later may mean that there is no longer stock of a matching product, or you may not make allowances for edging during the tiling process.







There are different types of tile edging on the market and it all depends on the tiles you are using, the type of edge or finish as well as an edge between two different floor or wall finishes. Perhaps you have laminated wood flooring throughout your home but would like to lay floor tiles in a kitchen or bathroom. The join between these two materials needs to be as professional as possible and this is where tile edging becomes important.







When making a transition from one type of flooring to another, an edging or finishing strip provides a professional finish.






Aluminium and Stainless Steel Tile Edging and Finishing Options





All the edging profile option shown above are available at your local CTM store, countrywide.







Other Options for Tile Edging and Finishing

Other materials that can be used for tile edging and finishing includes timber moulding, skirting boards, PVC edging strips and a variety of other aluminium and steel strips. I have also seen instances where polyurethane moulding has been used to finish off the edge of tiles and this is particularly popular in bathrooms.

Where flooring materials differ in height, tripping or accidents can occur as a result of this. Installing a 'reducer' eliminates the uneven surfaces for a smooth transition from one flooring type to another, providing safety in the home.





Because not all flooring materials have exactly the same height profile, there are edging and finishing strips that compensate for the difference between two flooring materials and that span the gap between these. The 'Reducers' are also the best solution where tile butts up against carpet or laminate flooring.



Stairs are another area where adding an edging or finishing strip is a must for a professional finish. The Promax Aluminium Retro Fit Stair Edging is installed on tiled stairs and prevent slipping and chipping along the tile edge.




Protect your tiled surfaces with the proper edging to prevent chipping or breaking and to provide a professional finish for a tiling project. All the above edging and finishing profiles can be purchased at your nearest CTM store countrywide, where you will also find plenty of other options.








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