Weber takes the hassle out of renovating

The newest product from Saint-Gobain Weber is Renovate, a tile adhesive with a distinct set of benefits, one of which allows renovators to tile directly onto existing substrates without priming - a first for South Africa.


Saint-Gobain Weber’s product manager, Tiisetso Mokotjo, says, "This exciting new development means that tiling upgrades can now be managed in ways that are simpler, cleaner and faster, providing more peace-of-mind for home, shop or office renovators during what is generally a stressful process."

Thanks to its exceptional strength, the product allows tiling onto existing tiles and other substrates without primer, eliminating the need to chip out tiles - significantly reducing dust and mess, the bane of most renovations. Amplified by the fact that it sets in only six hours, Renovate saves significant time and money. It’s also waterproof and is available in both grey and white to match with tiles.

This combination of practical and aesthetic characteristics means an upside for homeowners or contractors doing tiling alterations from a convenience, time and cost saving perspective.

"Performed traditionally, tiling renovations are incredibly disruptive, but Renovate minimises downtime," says Mokotjo. "For example, a store owner can now lay tiles immediately after closing shop and leave the product to dry overnight, in time to trade the following morning. The same principle can apply to office managers who need to maximise productivity in the work place, despite renovations. For homeowners, the project can also be timed to be more orderly and convenient, a necessity in busy households especially those with young children and pets."

Not only does Renovate provide a more agreeable alternative to tiling upgrades on a comfort level, but by eliminating surface preparation products like latex bond liquid, primer and waterproofing, labour costs are also reduced and an estimated 55% in monetary value is saved. It also saves about 87% in time value, thanks to the reduction of preparation work like breaking out tiles and priming surfaces, as well as decreasing the setting and curing process.

"We’re delighted to be launching a product that will make such a significant difference to modern renovators, and that can contribute towards alleviating pressures that can come with home alterations," concludes Mokotjo.

The product will be available from leading hardware retail stores from early October 2017 and is typically found in the tiling section or contractors yard. It’s available in both white and grey in 20kg, which covers six square meters of floor space.