How to choose light or dark laminated flooring

Choosing the right flooring for a room or home can be a difficult process. We've discussed flooring options, but in this article we look at choosing the colour - light or dark - for flooring.


At the end of the day, once your flooring is installed you don't have the option to rip it out and start all over again - you need to get it right the first time. This online floor planner will help you make the right choice...

Floors are expensive because of the area that they take up in a room - or home. In fact, after building your home, flooring is the next most expensive fixture that you have to look at. Once you have decided on the flooring option that's best for you and your family, the next decision is the colour and whether it will be light or dark. Armstrong Flooring have launched a floor planner that allows you to play online with various flooring options.

What's nice about using this online floor planner is that it offers a choice of laminate, tile and vinyl floor options that you can place in various room settings.


The online floor planner can be used for flooring choices in a kitchen, bathroom, living space or bedroom. Even if the planner doesn't offer the flooring option that you have chosen, you can use the tool to pick up a design that is close to the one that you want.



Give it a try... this online floor planner - - could help you make the right choice.