Dress up a wall with moulding and trim

Add interest to a plain dining room with this faux moulding project. All you need for this project is a few strips of pine and skirting, and some satin paint to finish off.



First the uprights are glued to the wall with Pattex No More Nails. Each upright is 900mm in length and 100mm wide. You can have the lengths cut at your local Builders Warehouse. Give each one a light sanding with 180-grit sandpaper before attaching to the wall.

Measure the total length of the wall and add a length across the top. If the wall is very long you can simply pop two or more lengths onto the wall. Affix to the wall with Pattex No More Nails and let dry. Where boards join across the top, use wood filler to fill in any gaps.

Finish off with a chair or dado rail, or look for decorative skirting that you can use. This is also fastened to the wall with Pattex No More Nails. Paint the trim and inside the panels with your choice of colour. In this room we used white but you can use black, brown or other preferred colour. Use a washable paint such as Plascon Double Velvet or Plascon Velvaglo waterbased enamel to finish off.

janice anderssen - frugal home ideas