Herringbone and Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring

Watch any home improvement or home renovation show and you will see how many people are interested in engineered wood flooring.


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I'm sure that many homeowners out there watch one or another home improvement or home reno TV show, and one thing that most of these shows have in common is the installation of engineered wood flooring. But what exactly is engineered wood flooring?


What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood, as the name implies, is a type of wood flooring that is manufactured using a process of binding and fixing strands and veneers into wood planks. The reason that engineered wood flooring has become so popular in the last decade is the advancements made in the engineering process for this type of flooring, and its durability and attractiveness when installed in residential homes.


Until recently, the cost of laying a herringbone pattern was expensive, but with technological advancements in flooring, it was possible to produce this popular design at a cheaper cost.


Not your average laminate wood flooring, engineered wood follows stringent design specifications in order to meet local and international standards. An engineered floor is designed to withstand various applications, whether high-traffic in a home, or commercial applications in office buildings.


Engineered wood flooring laid in a herringbone design.


Choose from a wide range of options with a wide range of herringbone parquet engineered wood flooring from some of the leading flooring brands. Recognised as flooring specialists, they firmly believe that the herringbone pattern looks the best when combined with traditional textures and grains. Visit their website and take a look at engineered hardwood options in Oak and Walnut. 

When selecting engineered wood flooring, you will be given a variety of options for both colour, wood species for the finish, and the layout or finished design of the wood flooring. Herringbone wood flooring is a popular design that is originally taken from parquet flooring. The finished pattern resembles a parquet wood floor, but on a much larger scale.

To achieve a herringbone pattern, rectangular boards are laid in an angular design that resembles parquet flooring and gives an absolutely gorgeous and visually appealing design for homes.







Engineered Wood Flooring laid in an alternative pattern design.


When deciding on the type of flooring to install in your new home, or if looking to renovate and update an already built home, herringbone and parquet engineered wood flooring provides a stylish flooring option that is extremely durable.


Choose from a selection of wood species finishes in herringbone engineered flooring.



The origin on the first herringbone pattern was in Roman times when this pattern was used for building roads. By using this pattern - similar to a zigzag - a stable surface was achieved.






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