Natural clay brick floors

I have previously posted an article on brick floors and decided to follow up on this a bit more, especially as quite a few readers also thought that putting down brick floors was such a practical and affordable idea for a home.


Since writing the first article, brick floors definitely seem to be a consideration for home floors, whether in a kitchen, bathrooms, or any room in a home. Clay brick is by far the most affordable flooring option and is available in a wide selection of colours, from light to dark.

But not only affordable, brick flooring is an easy do-it-yourself home improvement flooring option that requires only a few basic tools and some DIY savvy.

As a building material, clay bricks are durable, provide a certain amount of insulation and are water-resistant. While they will generally start to show wear and tear over time, when sealed with a slip-resistant sealer they are perfect for just about any room in a home. Clay bricks will stand up to everyday living for a lifetime when periodically sealed.

Aesthetically, brick floors deliver a natural, rustic beauty that is warm and welcoming no matter where in the home you have brick floors.

Not only in looks, but clay bricks are warm underfoot as well, especially when compared to ceramic or natural stone tiles.

When considering a brick floor installation there are several factors to consider:

    Opt for a better quality of clay brick that is not too porous and able to withstand staining.

    Decide whether or not to seal the bricks once installed. Bricks do not have to be stained if you want a rustic look, but it is preferable in kitchens and living spaces.

    Buy a few more bricks than you actually need in the event that you need to replace in future. If you keep to a popular style and colour, you will easily be able to replace or add on at a future stage.

    Take care when laying a brick floor to keep a consistent level across the entire floor. The main downside to installing brick as a flooring option is the difference in level and roughness of the brick - all of which can be compensated for during installation and sealing.

    Select a pattern that matches your decor style.

The versatility of clay brick makes them perfect for just about any area in the home and they are not expensive to purchase or install.

Modern, sustainable design is bringing bricks indoors, where they continue to give an appealing aesthetic sensibility, no matter what your style of decor.

Clay bricks are the perfect flooring option for kitchens, sunrooms, laundry, and even bathrooms and living spaces that are open plan to a garden or patio.