Painting concrete floors

A plain concrete floor can be easily transformed with paint and stencilled design


Despite its many wonderful attributes, concrete slabs can be boring. Whether we are talking about a concrete verandah, a pathway or a driveway, there is something very uninspired about the flat, dull look of grey concrete.

Concrete lasts longer if it is protected with a clear concrete sealer so that water does not permeate the surface. In addition to sealer there are other special-purpose products designed for concrete surfaces.

Specially formulated concrete paints for example help keep minerals in the concrete from leaching through paint and hardening into a white, dusty film.

Floor paints can transform ugly concrete and is the perfect facelift that is relatively inexpensive. If the job is a manageable size, it can be an easy and quick weekend activity for the DIY enthusiast.

Prominent Paints Paving paint can be applied using a brush, roller or spray gun depending on the area to be covered and the finish required. It is touch dry in only 30 minutes, ready for a second coat after two hours and can be walked on in just six hours.

For those who have a concrete slab that requires preparation you can purchase Concrete Etcher. So before you give up on a tired old pathway or driveway and decide to drag out the jackhammer, consider how easy it would be to transform the look of your garden with the terrific range of paving paints available, which could make your home the envy of the neighbourhood.