Beautiful floors made from scrap wood

There's nothing quite like a beautiful wood floor, and these wood floors are made from scrap timber and end grain.

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There is nothing quite like the warmth and beauty of a wood floor. But the fact is that few can afford to install a genuine wood floor due to their high cost. There's also the fact that we simply cannot afford to cut down more trees and timber is a dwindling resource that must be protected.



An alternative to cutting down trees to install a wood floor is to make use of leftovers or scrap pieces, and the gorgeous wooden floors shown here are all made of scrap pieces or the end grain from cut planks. 

There are some clever DIY enthusiasts who have gone to great lengths to install unique wood floors in their homes, floors that are made entirely only using scrap timber or end grain. This type of wood floor is one that everyone could afford, as long as you are prepared to put in the time and effort to source a supply and install the floor yourself. 

These scrap wood floors are done by John Yarema, who put forward the idea of using waste from a local pallet manufacturing company to construct the floors. Using methods that demonstrate how to save money and utilise basic tools. The design of the wooden floor is meant to do away with straight lines and focus on curves, and these curves represent the paths we take through our lives. It's also the beauty of being able to make something lasting from nothing.

Whether or not the above wood floor inspired others to install their own scrap wood floors, there are now plenty of other wood floor designs out there that look just as beautiful. - 435230751484754180/ - 405112928967475713/

From end grain pieces of wood used to make a square floor design, to logs cut create circular wood floors, these are unique floors that will add something special to a home and last a lifetime. - 387098530457533994/



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