Tile over existing tiles

Where tiles are still in good condition, and you don't want to paint over tiles, there is the option to tile over existing tiles.


Tile over tiled walls

Where tiles are still in good condition, and you don't want to paint over tiles, there is the option to tile over existing tiles. For walls, it's essential that existing tiles be in good condition - no loose or cracked tiles - and you choose a lightweight, preferably thin, tile to go over the top.

Tile over kitchen or bathroom backsplash

If you've bought a new house and the kitchen backsplash is not to your liking - or perhaps you want to make small modifications to the kitchen - if the existing tiles are still in good condition you can consider covering up the old tiles with a thin, cement fibre board and applying new tiles to this.

To tile over a backsplash, you could consider covering the old tiles with cement fibre board, and tiling on top of this. Install the new backsplash on a piece of cement fibre board instead of directly onto the wall and then you can update your backsplash as and when you want to

How to install laminate or Formica backsplash

Laminate or Formica, mounted onto a suitable substrate such as cement fibre board can be fitted to cover up ugly tiles.

Use a large sheet of brown craft paper to make a pattern of the backsplash area to be covered and then transfer this onto a sheet of cement fibre board.

Cut the panel to fit the area.

Apply Contact Adhesive to the top of the cement fibre board and back of the laminate or Formica - according to the instructions - and glue together.

It's important to apply pressure to the surface with a rubber roller to ensure that there are no trapped air bubbles, as you want proper bonding between the two surfaces.

Use an edge trimmer or router with flush trim bit to cut away the excess laminate.

DIY Tips:

When tiling over tiles, use only lightweight ceramic tiles to reduce the load factor.

The existing tiles need to be thoroughly cleaned with a heavy-degreaser or sugar soap to remove all dirt.

Where applying new tile over existing tiled floors, lightly sand the surface of the old tiles to improve the bonding of new adhesive.

Do bear in mind that by adding cement fibre board over the top of existing tiles, you will need to apply an edging strip, row of decorative moulding, or tile listellos to discretely cover up.

Make sure that you allow for sockets, outlets or switches that are on the wall. The increased thickness will mean that these will have to be extended or moved forward.

If you're not sure about applying new tiles over existing tiles, consider vinyl tiles as an option. These can easily be glued over tiles with contact adhesive.