Cement finishes for walls

These days it's easy to have good looking walls without the hassle or fuss of installing tiles. Cementitious (cement-based) products are now easily available off-the-shelf for any savvy DIY home improvement enthusiast to tackle themselves.


Cement-based products for application on walls and floors offer the homeowner the opportunity to take on their own home improvement and renovation products at an affordable cost.

It's a true fact that when most people think of concrete walls they think grey, dull and boring, but concrete or cementitious walls and floor products are anything but. These products can be tinted in a wide variety of natural colours that are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or any room in a home.



Due to their cement-base, cementitious wall and floor products are extremely durable and hard-wearing. They are also water-resistant, which makes them ideal for high humidity areas, such as walk-in showers and spa bathrooms.

The next time you think about new finishes for walls, think about the option of applying a cementitious finish before you fork out on expensive wall tiles.