The Overall Benefits Of Magnetic Screen Doors

Magnetic screen doors are a thing, and they are quieter than regular screen doors.



In the old days, you know you have a screen door when you hear that rattling slamming sound whenever it closes. But now, magnetic screen doors are a thing, and they are quieter than regular screen doors. Aside from that, Campus Connection Eugene property management says there are also more benefits you can gain from this new generation of screen doors and here are some of them:


1. Easy To Use

Magnetic screen doors don’t need installation using screws, springs, or bolts. You don’t even need to drill holes on your wall to fix in the door. Just as its name suggests, magnetic screen doors use magnets to attach itself on the doorframe.

The significant advantage to that is you can easily remove it whenever you want. If you’d like to use it during hot days, you can put it back. But if you wish for total enclosure during the colder days, then remove it and close your regular door all the way. If you live in a rented home and the landlord doesn’t allow you to install a screen door, this is your next best option.

Magnetic screen doors also come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your doorframe. Some can even be customizable according to your needs.


2. Keep Bugs Out

Bugs and other pests are a danger to you and your family’s health. The go-to solution for those pesky creatures are usually bug sprays. But those sprays to kill off a health hazard can also be health hazards themselves. Bug sprays are full of chemicals that, as much as possible, should not be inhaled or ingested by people.





A safe solution to keep bugs and pests away is to use a magnetic screen door. The mesh screen of the door will keep them out without completely blocking your view of the outside world. You can keep your family safe from those pests and also from chemical hazards.


3. Let Air In

Keeping the house well-ventilated is not a problem in this modern age because of the ventilation systems that are available for residential buildings and houses. But nothing can feel as good as having fresh air circulating your home instead of air from the air conditioner. You can’t inhale that bout of fresh air if you always use the AC or if you always keep your door closed.

If you’re not up for staying outdoors most of the day, just let the fresh air come inside. Magnetic screen doors allow you to do that. You still block the unwanted insects away, but the fresh air can easily pass through. Plus, you’ll also save up on the electricity bill if you turn off the AC every once in a while.


4. Keep Pets In Or Out

Magnetic screen doors also help in keeping your pets inside or outside your house. If they’re supposed to stay indoors to keep them from getting lost or getting run over by cars, then keep them indoors. If they have to be outside for some potty time, then they’ll stay out. It’s better to use magnetic screen doors so you can still keep an eye on them when they’re outside.







5. Let Natural Light In

Closed doors block off natural light. Sure, you can just turn your lights on, but nothing beats the natural light provided by the sun. It’s warm and bright, and naturally gives off a pleasant ambiance. With a magnetic screen door, natural light easily comes in.

Your home would feel more cozy with bright sunlight washing over your interior than always relying on light bulbs and fluorescents to keep it well lit. It’ll also help decrease your electricity usage, therefore reducing the amount you pay for electricity.


6. Walk Through Without Using Hands

How many times do you have to walk through the door while carrying various items? When both of your hands are occupied, you need to bend and lay down whatever it is you’re holding on the ground to open the door, and then pick your stuff back up again. It’s a hassle.

With a magnetic screen door, it makes it easy for you to enter and exit without opening the door with your hands. You can easily push through, and then it’ll automatically close because of the magnets. You can carry groceries or trays of food in or out of the house with no problems.


Final Thoughts

Magnetic screen doors are an asset to own. It offers various benefits. It’s especially helpful for keeping dangerous health hazards away from your loved ones. It’s also easy to install, maintain, clean, and remove. You can use it whenever or wherever you want. Make sure to choose the one that best fits on your door frame, as well as one that suits your taste.







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