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With so many options of different shapes, patterns and colours available, how do you make the best choice for you and the room you are tiling?


Tiling trends for 2019 are of a combination of classic and contemporary styles that can create the most amazing results. With so many shapes, patterns and colours available, it’s an exciting time to be choosing tiles for your home. But it can also be bewildering. With so many options, how do you make the best choice for you and the room you’re tiling?

As South Africa’s preferred supplier of premium quality natural stone tiles and surfaces, quartz-based tops, porcelain tiles and design-led sanitary ware, WOMAG has over 25 years of experience in the field and the expertise to match.

“Tiling trends at the moment combine classic and contemporary shapes, colours and patterns with the most amazing results,” says WOMAG managing director Oren Sachs. “To get the looks right, it helps to know a bit about how best to select from the wide array of choices available.”

WOMAG will guide you through the top trends and the most effective looks to make your tiles a classic and timeless joy. In addition to the available shapes, Sachs notes, “Most of our tiles can be cut to fit any layout, for instance our wood-look tiles can be cut into smaller pieces to create a herringbone effect.”



The possibilities truly are endless.


Hexagonal tiles are extremely versatile, perfectly blending vintage appeal with modern possibilities, which makes them equally appropriate if you’re updating an existing home or decorating a new one from scratch. One of the simplest, but most effective techniques with hexagonal tiles is simply to select a solid colour. This is an excellent way to revitalise a bathroom floor or a kitchen splashback in a classic home, allowing the shape and pattern of hexagonal tiles a subtle but exciting expression, without becoming overwhelming in conjunction with the level of detailing usually present in classic styles. In a more contemporary home, a mix-and-match approach using multiple coordinated colours provides a cutting-edge look that brings dynamism and boldness to the minimalist architecture typical of contemporary architectural styles.

WOMAG’s Hexagon Collection: Décor Hexagon Blue, White, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Light Blue, Red, Yellow and Canal Grande Esagonia Hexagon tiles.




Rather than limiting possibilities, the simplicity of the rectangular tile lends itself to multiple interpretations. The classic metro layout, for example, is perfectly suited to kitchen walls. Even a classic choice of either uniform black or white can be subtly updated with a contrasting grout – for example, a charcoal or black grout with white subway tiles, or a white grout with black tiles.

One of the biggest trends at the moment for rectangular tiles is the herringbone pattern, which has immense potential when it comes to putting a contemporary twist on this classic look. Both regular herringbone and stacked herringbone patterns add dynamism and a new dimension to a wall or floor. Take it to the next level by using rectangular tiles in variety of alternating colours to make a bold statement. A herringbone layout also lends itself to one of the most exciting trends at the moment – the recent advances in development of wood-look porcelain tiles.

WOMAG’s range includes Ladoga Beige, which is available in a 227x2080mm and regular size 240x950mm. The range also extends to Ladoga Taupe, Ladoga Roble, Cleveland Taupe and the Mamawood Range which gives stand-out results.


The simplicity and symmetry of the classic square tile makes it easily adaptable to both traditional contemporary spaces. WOMAG’s traditional and contemporary style tiles consist of Agrego Bianco, Agrego Grigio, Alessy Bianco and Non-Slip Charcoal tiles. The versatility of square tiles becomes apparent when you consider the range of effects that is possible with the variety of sizes in this simple, classic shape. When you select large-format tiles, you can make a room appear larger than it is – but the trick is to use them in a family room or other open expanse, because large tiles create fewer grout lines, they provide an almost seamless finish, which creates the impression of a larger expanse.

WOMAG’s NEW large format porcelain tile sizes range from 900x900 to 2500x1000 and 3000x1500.

At the other end of the scale, mosaic tiles are very small tiles that can be combined to achieve a wide range of decorative finishes and high-impact features. This look can be achieved by cutting up any tile to create smaller mosaic pieces to match any finish. Combining colours patterns, mosaics provide the possibility of the most creative expression, both on large expanses and in small nooks. Because of their size, they are also uniquely suited to curved or shaped surface. They also bring impact to isolated areas, such as splashbacks in the kitchen or bathroom, or in showers. In addition, they can be used as borders, frames or edges to enhance other tiles in the home.



WOMAG’s mosaic range include: Grigio Cielo and Crema Cielo Mosaic.



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