Don't make these mistakes when choosing tiles

Bathrooms and kitchens are rooms where any monies on improvements will be best spent but don't make these tiling mistakes when selecting tiles for your kitchen or bathroom.

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Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make, so it makes sense to keep it updated if you want a good return on your investment. Bathrooms and kitchens are rooms where any monies on improvements will be best spent but don't make these tiling mistakes when improving your home.


When you are updating or renovating a bathroom or kitchen, you will want to ensure that this is a project that not only goes smoothly but also lasts a long time. Any materials you choose for finishing these two rooms should be of a design that is timeless and elegant, and that won't date too quickly. - 351421577170800749/

Take note of the following to ensure your tiling projects are done properly and will add value to your home:

Timeless over Trendy

Being in line with modern trends is fine and well in your living room where you can simply add a few decor accessories and soft furnishings to introduce an update. But when you are doing improvements or renovating a bathroom or kitchen, it pays to consider what items are permanent and what is not.

Tiles are definitely considered as a permanent fixture and an element that is not easily changed or swapped out when trends come and go. For that reason, you need to select tiles carefully if you don't want to end up with a look that quickly goes out of fashion. In a bathroom or kitchen, you want tiles to be timeless and last at least 10 years or more. Choosing a tile that is currently on trend might be the biggest mistake you can make

Calm over Colour

Remember the 70s, when dusty pink, slate blue and avocado green tiles were all the trend? This trend only lasted a few years but those bathroom and kitchens decorated with these then trendy tiles are still around today, much to the woe of those homeowners stuck with the problem.

If you're looking to have a bathroom or kitchen that doesn't go out of date quickly, it is better to stick with colours that won't date or go out of fashion. White or off-white and muted neutrals are your best options and you will also find a much wider selection to choose from, allowing you to be picky on price.


You can't go wrong with neutral or monochromatic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms, and if you want to add a bit of contrast you can add colour using grout. After all, it is far easier to re-do the grout down the line than have to re-tile the entire room. - 693624780086572436/

If you need to add colour to an all-white bathroom, it is easy to do that with colourful textiles, an interesting shower curtain, or add a couple of shelves to create a wall display.

Plain over Pattern

Encaustic tiles have become a recent trend in tiles. Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles with a very detailed pattern and 5 or 6 different colours. These tiles look stunning in a bathroom or kitchen but unfortunately will quickly become less favourable. This is one of those tile designs that you can fall in love with today - and hate tomorrow!

Encaustic tiles are also a more expensive option than conventional ceramic tiles and you could end up throwing money away on this type of investment. - 11329436549293289/


While we all want that beautiful guest bathroom or master suite, or a fitted kitchen filled with trendy items and accessories, don't be lured into the trap of buying trendy. In these rooms, you are looking for timeless and classic with tiles that you won't have to look at ripping out and replacing a few years down the line.



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